Happy Birthday!!

28 February 2013



My city dawned smiling! Today, Rio de Janeiro is celebrating  448 years old.

Rio, thank you for such beauty and hospitality
Happy Birthday and we wish you 448 years more  of peace, beauty and happiness!
Rio I love you!!

Have you ever experienced the benefits of a crystal healing section? No ?!?!?!?

25 February 2013

You do not know what you are missing…

For no specific  reason, I was feeling very week, tired  and without any  energy. I only wanted to sleep. Tried several different  things friends  recommended me  without success.

Then someone told me about crystal therapy.  I, myself, did not know too much about until a paragraph of Twhe Book of Healing Crystals by Liz Simpson caught my attention.

The paragraph said …”The crystal healing works on the principle that every cell in the body vibrates according to its own frequency, when these natural frequencies get out of balance, we experience poor health. Crystals oscillate at a frequency of natural healing, which is activated by mental energy. Driven by a strong intention – both as from yourself and from your therapist – the healing energy is channeled through the crystal, coming from an inexplicable source to which we often refer to as Universal Life Force. The properly healing energy – of stimulus, balance or tranquility – is transmitted by the Universal Life Force and expanded by the unique molecular structure of the natural crystals. This helps to harmonize and balance the frequencies of the body, bringing it back to its optimum level and healthy.
Working with crystals is an intuitive process […]. The crystals are a type of healing tool, or catalyst, which directs your  ability  into  a particularly powerful way. ”

So …. a light lit in my head? Why not? I’m feeling so tired and my energy is so weak that it’s worth trying. I met Fernanda Carvalho my actual crystal therapist and believe me, she gave me a trial attendance and I had the most unspeakable  trip  into my interior.  Fernanda Flyer_escolhido
What a peaceful journey. While she distributed the crystals in my body, I relaxed and hung me from the external  noise and stress. I was a new  person at the end.

You all need to experience a crystal therapy section. I recommend   Fernada to everyone. She is super. You will fall in love with her and her work.  Well.. what else to say ? You have to try and then tell me about  your own  experiences !

About the meaning of the word “FAVELA”

23 February 2013

What the word “FAVELA” means. Do you know?


Once  Royal Rio provide a variety of different services to its clients, the  intention of our Blog is also to maintain  same variety on our articles to encourage our readers to know and understand  more better the spirit and history of our Wonderful City – Rio de Janeiro .

So, let’s start with the reasons why we call the less favored areas  without infrastructure – “FAVELAS”.

Initially I thought it was an indigenous name or anything like that, but the story is far more interesting than that.

The origin of the name ”FAVELA“ refers to a  remarkable fact occurred in Brazil in the late nineteenth to the twentieth century: The Canudos War.

In the Northeast caatinga, is  very common to find  the” FAVELA”. A thorny plant, extremely durable which produces fuel and edible oil.

Favela (Cnidoscolus Phyllancatus)

Favela (Cnidoscolus Phyllancatus)

At the end of the nineteenth century, disgusted with the difficulties of survival in a northeast area taken by unproductive estates and droughts, thousands of  tired and humiliated  men led by Antonio Conselheiro, created the citadel of Canudos in Bahia.

Afraid that the revolt would undermine the foundations of the recently  inaugurated  Republic, a massacre  was carried out  in the city of Canudos, with thousands of deaths, torture and mass rape in one of the darkest episodes of the Brazilian military history.

Back in Rio de Janeiro, the  republican soldiers  failed to receive their wages, and without a decent conditions of life, they  went to live in wooden houses without any kind of infrastructure in the hills of the city. The first  elected   location was the current “Morro da Providencia” that immediately became known as  FAVELA  remembering the bad conditions they found when they arrived at the city of Canudos.

PROVIDÊNCIA Hill at nineteenth century

PROVIDÊNCIA Hill at nineteenth century



This type of sub  housing  on the hillsides  was being already  used   by  freed slaves.  The term caught on and all these groups who lived on hillsides were known as  FAVELAS.

There is nothing Impossible to Us

21 February 2013

Does “Impossible” really exist??

untitled 8

No matter how strange the request is, Royal Rio  rarely deny the request of a client.

“We always say that if we can not ge tthe moon  for you, maybe we can get a  star,” .




The word ‘no’ does not really exist. This is a word against which we have rebelled.” imagesCAWSEWWV

However,we  deny a request if it is illegal or unethical.


Royal Rio provide whatever clients want as long as it is “legal and ethical”







Thinking about opening a new Business in Rio de Janeiro?

21 February 2013

EIRELI – A new business option for foreign investors in Brazil.

Are you a foreign investor? Are you disappointed because your business ideas never get executed??

There is a  New Option – Law No. 12441 dd. July 11, 2011 (Applicable since January 2, 2012), amended the Civil Code, creating the EIRELI – “Empresa Individual de Responsabilidade Limitada” (Individual Limited Liability Company), hereby creating a new possibility for both Brazilian and foreign entrepreneurs, allowing the corporate entrepreneur to incorporate a legal entity without the involvement of a second partner/shareholder.

Foreign Investor – For foreign investors, the EIRELI presents a new and easier way to set up a business in Brazil. Before the EIRELI, foreign investors who didn’t have a Brazilian business partner, usually appointed their lawyer or accountant as their second shareholder and director of the new venture, of course with the minimum amount of capital. Read some more…. http://blogs.angloinfo.com/discovering-rio-de-janeiro/2013/02/20/eireli-a-new-business-option-for-foreign-investors-in-brazil/

Your Trips

20 February 2013

Do you have plans for a luxury vacations or a business travel? To romantic getaways or adventure

untitled 5imagesCAXKNS3Juntitled 6

To leave you relaxed and unhurried, Royal Rio takes care of everything until the last detail.


 With our expertise, we offer you personalized intineraries in accordance with your dreams . We  will reveal the secrets to make your trip unique and will give you advice and tips to make you feel like a native in Rio de Janeiro

Rio In Business Tonight

19 February 2013


Tonight, we had a very productive and surprising roundtable on Rio In Business organized by Royal Rio Suporte Executivo.

Congratulations to all our participants!

Your Call is Very Important

19 February 2013


Royal Rio’s assistance is unlimited as we are committed to offer you an unparalleled personalized service .
Your comfort and quality of life, is always, our first concern.


We’ll give you all the attention, fulfilling your orders with total discretion and a touch of class that will make your experience the most enjoyable.
Wherever you are in Rio de Janeiro, our mission is to make you feel as comfortable as at home.

Networking in Rio de Janeiro

19 February 2013

Besides its regular activities, Royal Rio Suporte Executivo, also sponsors and organize a group of motivated and professional individuals who are working hard to develop effective and reliable businesses in Brazil and all over the world.


Rio in Business is a new MeetUp group whose members are located in Rio de Janeiro and  was created by business owners for business owners to generate the networking of various types of hospitality businesses, service providers and independent professionals. We  meet regularly each month in a business but social atmosphere. Subjects discussed  on our monthly meetings  are not limited to doing business with locals and international customers since most of the members  are multicultural, bilingual and have diverse backgrounds in international customer relations.

This makes Rio in Business MeetUp group, the most exclusive group Rio de Janeiro has to offer as a “one stop shopping source” for business owners doing business or wants to expand and connect with other businesses in Rio de Janeiro.

If you want to be part of this group, just follow us at http://www.meetup.com/Rio-In-Business/  and  https://www.facebook.com/#!/groups/103871176407719/

Summer Time in Brazil

16 February 2013


Daylight saving time comes to an end !
Today at midnight, residents of Rio Grande do Sul, Santa Catarina, Paraná, São Paulo, Rio de Janeiro, Espirito Santo, Minas Gerais, Mato Grosso, Mato Grosso do Sul, Goiás, Tocantins and the Federal District should delay their watches in an hour.

Do not forget to put your watches back 1 hour

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