Happy Easter 2013

30 March 2013

 To You All


Some things are explained by science, others by faith.

Easter is more than a date, is more than a science, is more than faith:


(Albert Einstein)

To all of you and your families, we wish A Happy Easter !

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Pão de Açucar – Cable Car Centenary

29 March 2013

Morro da Urca – Focus  for a book morro  da urca

Morro da Urca is the theme for a book about the centennial of the SugarLoaf’s cable car.


The book  “Morro da Urca: Estação da música” was launched in grand style last week to celebrate the anniversary of 100 years of our famous cable car .

In the 80s, Morro da Urca, the lower rock of Sugar Loaf, had a great cultural importance into Rio’s night life. There, happened shows of the most important Brazilian artists as Egberto Gismonti, Gal Costa , Gilberto Gil, Caetano Velozo, Zé Ramalho, Geraldo Azevedo, Hermeto Pascoal and many other important singers and artists.

To write the book, the authors, Antônio Carlos Miguel a journalist and Monique Sochaczewski a historian made a deep research, conducted interviews and put photographs together  to tell the story of a true musical legacy, mainly from 1977, when the space at the top on the hill began to host a series of concerts  such as the projects “Noites Cariocas” and “Quem sabe sobe”,  on its amphitheater called “Concha Verde”


A Decade of Culture in Rio de Janeiro

28 March 2013

Julieta de Serpa Mansion just celebrated 10 years of existence


It all started with a love story at the end of the nineteenth century when Mr. Democrito Seabra  decided to give his beloved Maria Jose the most beautiful house in Rio de Janeiro.
He ordered from Europe all the construction material, the French stained glass windows, the moldings in bronze, the crystal chandeliers and the Swiss parquet floors. He died
eight years after marriage without seeing the house ready. The widow lived in the house until 1982 when she died at the age of  95 but one of her sons lived there until
2000. Since then the palace lost its luster and entered into decadence.


In 2001 the mansion was purchased by Carlos Alberto Serpa, a teacher and antique collector who restored the mansion and turned it into Casa Julieta de Serpa in honor of his mother.
In 2003 the halls of the first floor in French neoclassic style  was opened to the public with gastronomy and intense cultural program of plays and concerts.



imagesCA1P1DEDIn 2012, the second floor won the Paris Gastrô complex with a bar, a restaurant and a privê ballroom for up to
16 people.
Until July 2013, professor Carlos Alberto Serpa wants to open an  auditorium for up to 140
people on the top floor. Once again,  Rio de Janeiro won the present.



27 March 2013


The Biggest Nautical Event of Latin America


From April 21st to May 1st will happen in Rio de Janeiro at Pier Mauá, the Rio Boat Show and the Nautical Week. This year the event will put together hundred of athletes in 5 different sporting events. At Guanabara Bay we will have the races on April 28th and the nautical rallies on  April 27th.

At Lagoa Rodrigo de Freitas we will have the canoeing on April 23rd and the wakeboard on April 21st, 22nd and 23rd. For more information pay a visit to  – www.rioboatshow.com.br/semananautica/

Hummmmm…Brazilian chocolate with Brazilian Fruits. Is that good?

25 March 2013

The Mixture of Brazilian Chocolate with Exotic Fruits leads Brazil to end the contest for Best Book of World Chocolate


chocolateWith the book “Chocolate with Brazilian Fruit,” Lea Lagares led Brazil to become a finalist award for the best
book of the culinary world by the Gourmand World Cookbook Awards.Considering that Brazil is the 3rd largest producer of
fruits, 4th largest consumer of chocolate and 5th largest producer of cocoa in the world, Sebrae decided to invest
in the innovation  to use different materials to encourage and guide the creation of new small businesses.




carambolaThe book provides  easy, simple and practical recipes to  be prepared at home.To create the receipts, were invited a
gastronome and one chocolatier from Brasilia. They selected fruit from the  regions of Mata Altantica, Amazon, Caatinga, Cerrado, Pantanal and Pampa as carambola, jaboticaba and tamarind to be mixed with Brazilian chocolate. The result was an exquisite chocolate  with
a delicious and exotic flavors.

The book is available for free download at www.sebrae.com.br/setor/fruticultura
For those who appreciate good fruit and good chocolate …. Happy Easter!


URCA – A traditional Neighborhood

24 March 2013

The History of “Bar da Urca”

bar urca

Urca is a peaceful and safe neighborhood close to Copacabana Beach and it is there that you can find  the traditional Bar Urca.

Ines Garçoni, frequent visitor and writer, decided to register the 40-year tradition of  the Gomes’ family( the owners of Bar Urca) in the history of the city’s bars. She wrote the book “100 anos de botequim – A história de seu Gomes – O inventor do Bar da Urca” relying on the traditional and highly personal service that Mr. Gomes, while alive, offered to each one of his clients.

The book also includes delicious recipes of the appetizers served at the bar.



bar urca 2Mr Gomes died last year but worked for 40 years serving the public with friendship and
calling each of his customers by  the name.
He was a  traditional Portuguese who began his working life in bars and later became owner of 5 bars.
Today the Urca Bar is controlled by his son and grand son and  has also a restaurant where you can try the delicious Portuguese food.

Festival ‘Françah! Culture et Gastronomie’

23 March 2013

Gastronomy, Art and Culture of various regions of France

dvd+filme+os+guardas+chuvas+do+amor+1964+classicos+anos+60+catherine+deneuve+recife+pe+brasil__6C982E_4From 19 up to March 24th, Shopping Leblon will be sponsoring a festival of food, art and culture of the various regions of France such as Bordeaux, Provence, Loire and Burgundy.

The inspiration of the event came from the movie Umbrellas of  Cherbourg with Catherine Deneuve and is being displayed in the auditorium of Livraria da Travessa.


The event is free and the shopping is all decorated according to the theme of the film. All the stores are offering  French products and theaters and spaces are exhibiting shows, movies
and French art.


imagesCA6XOOAN The highlight of the festival will be the harmonization and tasting of French wines that will be making the presentation of what is most current in France in terms of wine. Organic Wines.
For those who want, all products will be on sale with 20% discount.


22 March 2013

CASA DAROS – Rio won another splendid cultural venue

47d0e37b10a33ddd5e531e42a479196e5eb70948The Cariocas are very happy.

In Botafogo, will be inaugurated tomorrow, March 23rd – Casa Daros.
It will showcase contemporary art from Latin America. The first exibition will
be “Cantos Cuentos Colombianos”. Many of the works portrays urban violence and allow the visitors to interact. In the mirror, faces of missing persons and victims of drug trafficking are revealed by a blow. On the floor virtual sinks shows  faces of missing rolling  down the drain.

From Switzerland came 75 pieces of Colombian artists. All are part of the collection of 1200 works of collector Ruth Schmidheiny, who lives in Zurich.

In a parallel space called  “Learn To Listen”  visitors will see works made during the restoration of the house. Among them, one of Vik Muniz and one of Iole de Freitas, who has established herself as one of the names of the Latin American art world.


Casa Daros is housed in a stately building constructed in 1866. The restoration took five years and required the exchange of windows, doors, flooring. A careful revitalization  so that all rooms distributed in 11 thousand square meters harbor at least two major exhibitions a year. The building in Botafogo is reopening to the public with rooms for exhibitions, art and education, library, auditorium, restaurant/café and shop.

The neoclassical mansion  has been linked to education ever since it was donated to the Santa Casa de Misericórdia. During the 19th century it was occupied by the Recolhimento das Órfãs e Desvalidas de Santa Thereza, an orphanage for poor girls. In the following century, it was renamed as Educandário Santa Teresa, a school for orphans that also operated on a day-boarding basis. From 1976 to 2003, the Educandário shared its premises with Colégio Anglo Americano, a private school.

To see more.:  http://www.casadaros.net/index_rio.php?i=1135






The First Skyscraper in Rio de Janeiro

19 March 2013

Edificio “NOITE ” (NIGHT) a  landmark of national engineering 

imagesCAFNKRR7The Building Joseph Gire, known as The Night, is a skyscraper with a bold structure that stands out for its immense vertical mass . It is located in Maua Square – Central area of Rio de Janeiro. It was built between 1927-1929, using the new technology of reinforced concrete, giving great impetus to engineering practiced in Brazil then. With 22 floors and a height of 102 meters, was the highest building in Latin America in the 1930’s. Its facade and internal areas have influences of the Art Deco style.

Those responsible for the architectural design were the French architect Joseph Gire who was also responsible for the Hotel Copacabana Palace and the Brazilian architect Elisário Bahiana.

The building was originally the headquarters of the evening newspaper “The Night” and also served as a look out point offering a privileged view of the city and Guanabara Bay. From 1937, also hosted the “Radio Nacional”.  Radio of great popularity thanks to the talk shows and radio dramas. Great singers of the time passed by the auditoriums of Radio Nacional.
As time went by, the area around the sky scrapers came into decadence but nowadays  with the  revitalization of the harbour area for the construction of “Porto Maravilha”, the skyscraper is undergoing restoration works. It is currently the head-office of the National Institute of Industrial  Property (INPI). and Radio Nacional AM.

KO4LzBesides the cultural importance for having housed the Radio Nacional at the height of the Radio’s Age, the skyscraper NOITE  was an architectural  and urban landmark because  approached the city to the  models of Americans  skyscrapers  starting the process of uprighting the city and  removing  the European architectural models  so used in  Brazil until then.



18 March 2013

Before anything else,  do you know who a Boticario is ?

Boticario – term used in the past to identify a pharmacist. They were people of low intellectual level and sometimes illiterate who worked in pharmacies and elaborated medicines from herbs and natural  assets existing in nature. The first boticario appeared in Portugal in XII century.
After the discovery of Brazil in 1500, the first Europeans, degraded, adventurers, settlers and members of society who had initially arrived surrender to the traditional teachings of shamans who used natural herbs to fight their diseases.
Soon after, came the Jesuits who became the first boticarios of Brazil, sheltering pharmacies in their colleges where people could find  kingdom remedies and medicinal plants.


largo do boticarioNow, back to  Largo  do Boticario ….
It is a famous square located in the Cosme Velho neighborhood in the city of Rio de Janeiro. Its access is by a narrow alley -Beco do Boticario – passing over a small bridge over the Carioca river. The space is characterized by its lush Atlantic Forest vegetation and houses in Neoclassical style.
The name of the alley and the square, came off with the arrival of Joaquim Luís da Silva Souto. A very successful druggist, who had the royal family as a client. He bought the land in Cosme Velho neighbourhood and built the houses in neoclassical style where he moved in 1831 with his entire family.
In its heyday, passed through the mansions of Largo do Boticario many Brazilian and foreign personalities, attracted by the parties and meetings held by their illustrious neighbors. In 1970 was the setting for the film 007 against the rocket’s death.



Currently, the situation is a space of decay. From 2006 to 2008, one of the houses came to be invaded by a group of homeless.  Largo do Boticario is one of the few places where you can see the Carioca river running open .

Even in a state of decay, is worth a visit because it is still a place where you can experience and admire part of our history.

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