10o. Gathering of Indigenous Artists and Writers.

31 May 2013

Come and Get Together

942886_461080690644786_1481573847_nOn June 12th from 09 am to 05 pm Rio will be hosting the 10o. Gathering of Indigenous Artists and Writers.

Bring your friends and family to celebrate a decade of this meeting and honor the performances of our indigenous writers and illustrators, talk with indigenous authors, learn about new releases, and participate in parallel events that will happen  in other places of   the city.

To participate in the 10th EEAI is necessary to sign up by contacting the FNLIJ (National Infantile and Juvenile Book Foundation) . By: www.salaofnlij.com.br / salaofnlij / seminar / third-dia.html.

The meeting is held in the context of the Book Fair for Children and Youth FNLIJ, which this year will be in the Sul América convention center.

If you can not attend on June 12th, come to  know the Stand of Books NEARIN that will be exposed from 05-16th June at the 15th Book Fair for Children and Youth FNLIJ, which gathers and exposes a portion of the literary production of indigenous authorship.

Authors and indigenous leaders from all regions of Brazil await you for this great meeting!

Are you a fan of photography?

30 May 2013

Sebastião Salgado and his Genesis Exposition

sebastiao salgadoStarted yesterday, May 29th the photographic exposition “Genesis”, from Sebastiao Salgado considered “The master of Photography “. It is 245 images in black and white captured in eight years of travel to the wildest corners of the planet.

For those who follow Salgado’s work for a long time, every new project is a surprise and proof that all the effort of the photographer to capture the images have a reason.

It’s fantastic, Genesis is a sample of what we need to preserve in the world. Salgado thought the environment and put it into pictures for us to think as well. The exhibition shows the life and customs in the most extreme places on the planet.

fotosThe show is being displayed at the Environment Museum, located in the Botanical Garden, south neighborhood  of  Rio de Janeiro, from May 29th until August 26 with free admission .

Sebastião Salgado traveled from 2004 to 2011 recording the culture of places that seem to be untouched by the evolution of postmodernism. His photographs were divided into five geographic sections, facilitating the understanding of differences in each locality.

In the South section of the planet, Sebastião shows Antarctica and the continent’s icy landscapes, passing by Diego Ramirez archipelago, Chile, and the Sandwich Islands, in Avai.

In Natural Sanctuaries, volcanic landscapes, the diversity of the fauna of the Galapagos Islands, in Ecuador, and the different ecosystems in Madagascar, in Africa, show the life and vegetation of these different regions.

genesisWith wild images, Africa brings every variety of Bostswana, Congo and the tribes of Ethiopia, all African countries.

In Northern Planet, the section recalls the natural landscape of Canada, northern Russia and countries of the United States.

In the Amazon and Pantanal, the photographer collect the biggest rain forests as Amazon  in Brazil and neighboring countries, such as Venezuela.

The section also records the wildlife in southern Brazil, as the wetland of Mato Grosso, showing the indigenous tribe Zo’e, and villages of the Xingu River.

Before coming to Brazil, the exhibition Genesis was inaugurated in London, the country in which  Sebastião Salgado, born in 1944, lived for over ten years.

Another Historic Attraction Recovered

28 May 2013

Church of Santo Antonio dos Pobres

untitledIts construction began in 1807 on the initiative of Antonio José de Souza Oliveira, who donated the land to the Venerable Brotherhood of St. Anthony of the Poor. In 1811 the  modest temple was inaugurated.  The church became  the matrix in 1854 when suffered the first restoration because  it was in bad conditions

The Parish of St. Antonio dos Pobres is located in the central area of Rio de Janeiro at Rua dos Inválidos and has 200 years old . Due to serious problems in its structure was closed for many year but fortunately on May 26th was reopened completely recovered.

Dom Orani Tempesta, archbishop of Rio de Janeiro, held the  Mass for the reopening of the church but first an organ concert was held  with  the organist, pianist and composer Alexandre Rachid. The instrument was built in 1953 by a German family.


The  works of restoration  were coordinated by the Instituto Rio Patrimonio da Humanidade, municipal agency responsible for the historical and cultural patrimony of the city, and included the recovery of all the images of the altars, the sacristy, the stained glasses, bells and structural reform  to fix cracks.

During the recovery  works, the workmen found in the center of the church , a hydraulic  floor tile from the earlier chapel dated  1834 in baroque style. The floor is exposed to visitors, who can watch it through a thick glass layer


The seven elements that make up a good brand

27 May 2013

Do you have a good brand?

imagesConsidering that many entrepreneurs are coming to Rio de Janeiro  willing to open their own businesses and establish their brands in our market, I was wondering if these entrepreneurs know the seven key elements for the formation of a good brand.
Today, I  read an article on this issue and I considered  it was very important and enlightening  and  I decided to share it  with my readers.

In accordance with Marcos Hiller, writer of Olhar Digital at Administradores web sites there are seven very important elements that make their brands to become known in the market  such as, name, logo, symbol and mascot.
In my experience, having chosen the name, logo, symbol and mascot,  the most important item is undoubtedly the registration you have to do  to protect your trademark with the INPI – National Institute of Industrial Property.

Well, found important what I’m talking about? If you are curious to understand the issue a little deeper, see what each element means and its importance to the whole.

To read more…. http://www.administradores.com.br/artigos/administracao-e-negocios/os-7-elementos-que-formam-uma-marca/64750/

The Samba Catwalk

26 May 2013

The Sambódromo

images sambaIt was designed in 1984 by Oscar Niemeyer for the Samba School’s parades. It is located on  Marques de Sapucai Street, where previously the shows parades were held in the stands and cabins that were assembled and disassembled each year for this party.

Its official name is “Catwalk Professor Darcy Ribeiro”, an anthropologist, writer, educator, professor, politician, former minister, and deputy governor of the State of Rio de Janeiro at the time of construction.

Its construction was carried out in only 120 days because precast concrete structures were used. The track is 700 meters long and 13 meters wide and after the reform undertaken in 2011, his capacity increased to  75.6 million viewers scattered in  cabins, stalls, stands and individual chairs

The Apotheosis Square and its Parabolic Arch became one of the architectural icon of Rio  de Janeiro. Over the years, the square was also widely used for local events and international rock  shows and under it we have the Samba Museum where the costumes used on the Samba parades are exposed.

arco paraboliciMany people is always trying to understand the meaning of the parabolic arc, but it’s hard to imagine it. Oscar Niemeyer has always enjoyed working with arches and curved lines. However there is a chance that the architect would have associated the bow to a woman in a bikini because on the top of the arch, there is a small triangle that could be the lower  part of the bikini, which is used by both, the dancers in the parades and the girls who lay on the beaches .

The best period to pay a visit to Sambódromo  is in December when the training for Carnaval starts. Those trainings are held on weekends at night.

How about a visit when December arrives? Don’t you feel curious to participate in one of the samba training?


The Imperial Residence in Rio de Janeiro

25 May 2013

Quinta da Boa Vista

quintaIn the 16th and 17th centuries, the area where today is located the Quinta da Boa Vista  was a farm that belonged to the Jesuits. When the order was expelled on the 18th century,   the property was split and donated to private ownership.

In 1808, when the royal family arrived in Brazil, there wasn’t good residences in Rio de Janeiro  to accommodate the royal family. While this situation was being solved D. João VI was accommodated at Paço  Imperial where the Viceroy of Colonial Brazil lived. This little palace was located at Praça  XV.

Later on a wealthy Portuguese merchant, Elias Antonio Lopes, owner of  the best house in Rio, in fear of losing his property and stay without nothing in return, decided to donate his townhouse to the King,  The mansion was built in 1803 on a hill where he had a beautiful view of the Guanabara Bay, hence the name of  Boa Vista . The King felt very honored with his gift and as a reward offered him  another property   and The Quinta became the Imperial residence. portao da quinta

To accommodate the royal family, the townhouse, needed to be reformed and the English architect John Johnston, gave  the  architectural lines of the Ajuda Palace in Lisbon to the imperial residence. The most important remodeling happened after the independence of Brazil in 1822 when Prince D. Pedro I ordered the French architect Peter Joseph Pezérat  a new renovation and additions to the house. The Palace then, took its current Neoclassical  style.

After his wedding in 1817, D. Pedro I and D. Leopoldina took up the  residence in Boa Vista where D. Pedro II  was educated and who later carried out the remodeling of the  gardens with the French landscaper Auguste Marie François Glaziou.
We have no references to the Imperial furniture because after the Proclamation of the Republic, the furniture was removed to erase all traces of the monarchy in Brazil.

D. João VI, D.  Pedro I and D. Pedro II inhabited the Palace. There, was also
born the future Queen of Portugal, D. Maria II, born as Her  Imperial Highness Dona Maria da Glória de Bragança, Imperial Princess of Brazil,  the future emperor of Brazil, D. Pedro II and Princess Isabel.  Empress Dona Maria Leopoldina died there.

jardins da quuintaCurrently, Quinta da Boa Vista works like a park, housing the zoo of Rio de Janeiro with the Museum of Wildlife and the old palace housing the National Museum of Natural History, under the administration of  the Federal University of Rio de Janeiro..
The National Museum of Natural History  has a great historical and scientific importance  because count among its main attractions, fossils and dinosaur skeletons, mummies, meteorites and many objects used by early civilizations.

The Best of the Municipal Theatre of Rio de Janeiro

23 May 2013

The Lake of the Swans

imagesCAMQ30VHFrom May 24th up to June 2nd our Municipal Theater will be hosting the ballet and Symphonic orchestra of the Municipal Theater of Rio de Janeiro  playing the Lake of Swans.

The choreography is under the care of Yelena Pankova and the orchestra will be under the direction of conductor Silvio Viegas.




Will be 9 presentation in different dates and time to give the carioca audience  the possibility to delight themselves with this magnificent spectacle.




Brazil Restaurant Week

22 May 2013

Rio de Janeiro Restaurant Week

logorioIs part of an event that happens during the year in some major cities of Brazil.
Since May 20 is happening in Rio de Janeiro the 8th edition of Rio de Janeiro Restaurant Week. The event runs until June 2nd with the participation of more than 60 restaurants.

The event aims to give locals a chance to experience the creations of some of the best restaurants in town, at discounted prices. For this, the dishes offered at lunch will cost R$ 34.90 and dinner, R$ 47.90 including entry + main course + dessert. The restaurants will offer two options of each item for the customer to choose the one they like most. Drinks, cover charge and service are not included in the value.

In addition, the event also has a social nature: participating restaurants suggest customers a contribution of R$  1.00 per meal. In the end, the amount collected will go to Ayrton Senna’s Institute.

To see the list of restaurants :


The best Jazz in Rio de Janeiro

21 May 2013

BMW Jazz Festival  

bmwFor the third consecutive year  BMW brings to Brazil the best of the contemporary international jazz. The BMW Jazz Festival will be in Rio from June 8th to 10th and the shows will be performed at Vivo Rio .

The programming of this edition stands out for the variety of instruments governing the guiding formations: Pat Metheny (guitar), Esperanza Spalding & The Radio Music Society (bass and vocals), Brad Mehldau Trio (piano), Joe Lovano & Dave Douglas ( saxophone and trumpet), group James Farm (format classic quartet: bass, drums, piano and sax

Presentations will be as follows:

Saturday, June 8
JAMES FARM: Joshua Redman with Aaron Parks, Matt Penman and Eric Harland JAMES FARM: Joshua Redman with Aaron Parks, Matt Penman and Eric Harland
Esperanza Spalding Radio Music Society Esperanza Spalding Radio Music Society

Sunday, June 9
Brad Mehldau Trio Brad Mehldau Trio
Featuring: Lawrence Fields, Linda Oh and Matt Wilson Featuring: Lawrence Fields, Linda Oh and Matt Wilson

Monday, June 10
PAT METHENY UNITY BAND with Chris Potter, Antonio Sanchez & Ben Williams PAT METHENY UNITY BAND with Chris Potter, Antonio Sanchez & Ben Williams


Brand new regulations in Rio de Janeiro

21 May 2013

Visits to Christ  The Redeemer

cristoUp from today, May 21st, anyone who want to visit the Christ  The Redeemer will have new rules for ticket sales. Visitors can make the purchase over the Internet or at the point of special vans at Largo do Machado, South Zone of Rio.

These vehicles will be allowed to carry passengers to Corcovado.
Admission to climb the  trenzinho will only be sold on the internet.

According to the municipallity, this changing aims to end the pirate transporation and avoid the tumult in the region.

The website for buying tickets is www.corcovado.com.br






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