21st Gastronomic Contest in Visconde de Mauá

20 May 2013

Visconde de Mauá in Rio de Janeiro

mauaVisconde de Maua is a region located between the border of the states of Rio de Janeiro and Minas Gerais, known for its natural beauty of intense green, surrounded by mountains and valleys, crossed by numerous rivers and streams that form beautiful waterfalls of crystal clear water.

From May 1st up to 31st , the city dedicate its activities to the “Pinhão” and several events are happening there.

The pinion is the seed of the tree “angustifolia”, which once covered much of the state of Minas Gerais, Espirito Santo, São Paulo, Paraná, Santa Catarina and Rio Grande do Sul and this seed is  an excellent food. All the restaurants of the region,  serves dishes with pinion in its recipes.


On May 24, 25 and 26 there will be the 21st. gastronomic contest in Visconde de Maua.

During these days the chefs Flavia Quaresma /RJ, Bruno Cabral / SP, Jonathan Moreira / AL, Juarez Campos / ES, among others, will be there to judge the local cooks.

Besides the dishes with pinion on its recipes offered on the restaurants,  we will  also find dishes with  organic products of the region. There will be   free classes with the  guest chefs, the VII Pinion Salon  with presentation of local artists and the event  Tastes of the Mountain, where the organic producers of the region  will be introduced.


Gastronomic exibithion

18 May 2013

The Mercado

imagescirco  voadorAutumn is here and is time to please our stomachs.

The market is a gastronomic event that has already been delighting audiences in São Paulo.

Now is Rio de Janeiro’s turn  to receive this event, where renowned chefs come together and present their versions of street food, all at prices ranging between R$ 5 and R$ 15.
images circo 1 The Market arrives Sunday, May 19th noon at Circo Voador and the intention is to bring together people who like to eat but do not fit too much on the actual gastronomic format.
The happening will count on the participation of well known chefs such as Bia Torres, Tassiana Lage, Bianca Barbosa, Fabio Battistela, Frédéric Monnier, Pablo Vidal , Riberta Ciasca, Thiago Flores, KÁtia Barbosa, Marcos Sodré, Jan Santos ,Pedro Benoliel ,Lucio Vieira, Pedro Artagão e Ronaldo Canha under the command of Checho Gonzales and will offer a  bit of everything.

The event has free admission.

Sharing experiences and feelings

13 May 2013

Estudantina Musical,  a Gafieira

EstudantinaYesterday a friend invited me to accompany her to a place that for a long time , I was  very curious to know. The Gafieira.
Despite not know how to dance, as the regulation says, I fell in love with the
place and the environment that democratically receives the ones addicted for
ballroom dancing .  The sole purpose of the place  is to share the passion for
dancing and good music.
At the end I was so amazed with the place and liked it so much that I decided
to take dancing classes  because  next time, I will not be just watching,  I will be able to  enjoy everything the spirit of the place have to offer. Healthy Fun with respect and without prejudice.
estudantina 1For you to  enjoy the spirit and  the environment of a gafieira, we better
understand how it works.
As per a dictionary, The Gafieira is the name given to a popular ballroom
dance. Originally, the music played was the popular urban music, predominantly
chorinhos, maxixes, polkas, waltzes and sambas. Great composers of Brazilian
popular music as Ismael Silva, Ataulfo ​​Alves and Pixinguinha, used the dance
halls to launch their compositions.
At the end of the nineteenth and early twentieth century the gafieira, was
where traditionally lower classes could attend to practice the couple dances or
ballroom dancing. It is not quite a club but an alternative for these people,
and in accordance with  history, these dance halls have always existed in the city of Rio de Janeiro.estudantina 3In the 1930s the Gafieira  Show was very traditional in Rio de Janeiro. It was one of the mixes that came out of the samba but with a difference because it has a code of ethics, where  elegance and respect are mandatory. The  choreography of a gafieira show is based on ballroom dancing, but a little less regimented, since it has the springiness and trickery of the samba from the beginning of the 20th century –  the  samba de gafieira –  that bring back the  bohemian atmosphere  and the magic of the old  Rio de Janeiro.

estudantina 1Currently, the oldest gafieira in operation  in Rio de Janeiro is the Estudantina  Musical owned by Mr. Isidro, a Spaniard who at the beginning of the 1980s, wanted to open a steakhouse  but due to the excessive requirements in obtaining a simple license, he withdrew from the investment. As there was nothing to do with the place, he took the installation and set up a samba house, which soon became famous due to the location and also because it brought back an activity that had been forgotten with the end of Rio night life.
During all these years, the house has received thousands of dancers. Today is a place open to the public and  to anyone who wants to  visit  the past to enjoy the decor designed to rescue the bohemian culture that no longer exists.
Actually there is other  dance halls scattered mainly at   Lapa district, in the center of Rio de Janeiro, including the traditional Clube dos Democraticos and the  modern Lapa 40o., Teatro Odisseia and Carioca da Gema that  does not have the same glamor and charm of the more traditional  dance halls.


May 12th – Mothers day

12 May 2013

Our Special Tribute


She has the ability to listen to the silence.
Guess feelings.
Find the right word at uncertain times.
Strengthen us when everything around  seems to collapse.
Borrow wisdom from the gods to protect  and sustain us.

Its existence is itself an act of love.
Generate, caring, nurturing.
Love, love, love…
Love with an unconditional love that expects nothing in return.
Excessive and unrestrained affection, Mother is an infinite being.



Origins of Mother’s celebrations

10 May 2013


In Brazil , Mother’s are celebrated in  May.

maeThere are many stories and traditions about Mother’s Day. The earliest Mother’s Day celebrations date back to the spring celebrations of ancient Greece in honor of Rhea, wife of Cronus and mother of the Gods.



imagesCA5566V5In Rome, the commemorative celebrations of Mother’s Day was dedicated to Cybele, the mother of the Roman Gods, and the ceremonies in her honor began around 250 years before the birth of Christ.

In the Middle Ages the workers living away from their families earned a day to visit their mothers, which the British called the “mothering day.”

The date came into the modern world, because of  the suffering of an American who, after losing her mother, went through a depressive process. The closest friends of Anna M. Jarvis, to rid her  of such suffering, did a tribute to her mother, who had worked in the country’s civil war. The party was so successful that in 1914, President Thomas Woodrow Wilson officiated the date, and the celebration has spread around the world.

In different locations around the world, the celebration is done on different days. Norway is celebrated on the second Sunday in February, South Africa and Portugal, on the first Sunday of May, in Sweden, the fourth Sunday in May; Mexico is a fixed date, May 10th. In Thailand, on August 12th, commemorating the birthday of Queen Sirikit Mom Rajawongse. In Israel there is no own day for mother’s day, but a family day out.

In Brazil, as in the United States, Japan, Turkey and Italy, the date is celebrated on the second Sunday of May. Here, the date was established by the Association of Christian young men, in May 1918, being officiated by President Getúlio Vargas in 1932.

Just arriving in Rio de Janeiro?

9 May 2013

Developing effective businesses in Rio de Janeiro

global_94126272If you are new in Rio de Janeiro and is looking for a place where you can meet global minded people to help you to develop your business,  you should join Rio in Business, a  group whose members are located in Rio de Janeiro. It was created by business owners for business owners to generate the networking of various types of businesses, service providers, and independent professionals.

The group meet regularly each month in a business but social atmosphere. Subjects discussed include but are not limited to doing business with locals and international customers since most of the members of this group are multicultural, bilingual and have diverse backgrounds in international customer relations.

This makes Rio in Business  members, the most exclusive group Rio de Janeiro has to offer as a “one stop shopping source”
for business owners doing business or wants to expand and connect with other businesses in Rio. 320920_386_313

This month Rio In Business  get together will happen at Adega Timão on May 16th, 2013 from 7 pm to 11pm. Adega Timão is located on the historic heart of Rio de Janeiro at Rua Visconde de Itaborai, 10. Come! Join the group, present your business, services or what you have to offer. Ask questions, share ideas with other  members and attract new and potential clients !

To learn more about Rio In Business : http://www.meetup.com/Rio-In-Business/

Talking about very good Brazilian popular music

8 May 2013

The Duo Santoro

282530_179493408784003_7608936_nOn May 28th we are going to have the release of the highly anticipated Duo Santoro’s  first album. The CD “Bem Brasileiro” is totally dedicated to Brazilian composers of the twentieth century and contemporary.

The title “Bem Brasileiro”, is a reference to a famous phrase of Heitor Villa-Lobos and reveals the Brazilianness present in all tracks of the CD, which begins with “O Trenzinho do Caipira,” one of the most popular melodies from Villa Lobos with a singular adaptation made by the Santoro twins.

noticia_256660_img1_capa-duo-santoroThe CD gives us the gift of other  master pieces of important composers  such as Waldemar Szpilman, Ricardo Medeiros, Ernst Mahle, Franciso Mignone,  José Alberto Kaplan, Alexandre Schubert,  Osvaldo Lacerda, Ernani Aguiar, Edmundo Villani-Côrtes,  João Guilherme Ripper and Sergio Roberto de Oliveira.

All the songs have earned adaptation for two cellos without many changes from the original text and were dedicated to Duo Santoro.


Duo Santoro is in this business for over two decades with a devoted professional history both in classical and in popular music.

It was formed  in 1990 with Paulo and Ricardo Santoro. The twins were born in Rio de Janeiro and are part of the Brazilian Symphony Orchestra and the Symphony Orchestra of  UFRJ as  well as  they participate in various other chamber groups such as trios, quartets and other Duos.
They are the sole cello duo in permanent activity in Brazil and has performed in major concert halls of Brazil. Their concerts include a range of eclectic styles that goes from  classic to popular music. The transcriptions and arrangements for cellos are mostly signed by the Duo.

One of the main goals of  Duo Santoro is the dissemination of Brazilian music. To reach their target, they rely on the collaboration of several composers.

Since 1990, the duo has been collecting recognition and honors as golden and silver medals and in 1995, Paulo and Ricardo Santoro unanimously received  from the “Brazilian Union of Writers’  the prize of Cultural Personality.

On  the celebration of  the 20th anniversary of  Duo Santoro in 2010,  they performed in practically all Brazil, the Dominican Republic, and in the famous Carnegie Hall in New York.

The CD release show will take place  at Espaço Tom Jobim  on May 28 at 08:30 pm.

Ticket Prices: R$ 10,00 and R$ 5,00 (for students and seniors)

Parking free




Brazil won the first replica of Shakespeare’s Globe of London

7 May 2013

Shakespeare’s Globe Theatre

shakespearesglobetheatre2In the next three years will happen all around the globe tributes  to the English playwright William Shakespeare, for  the four centuries of his death.

And Brazil promises to shine because last week it was announced the construction in the town of Rio Acima – MG , the first replica, outside England,  of the famous Shakespeare’s Globe of London. The audience will offer 1500 seats. The Artist Mauro Maya, fought for this project and took him four years negotiating with the London people.


interno glog=baltheatreFor those who do not know, the Shakespeare’s Globe is a reconstruction of the Globe Theatre.  An Elizabethan playhouse that was originally built in 1599. Was destroyed by fire in 1613, rebuilt in 1614, and then demolished in 1644. The modern reconstruction is an academic approximation based on available evidence of the 1599 and 1614 buildings. It was founded by the actor and director Sam Wanamaker and built about 230 meters from the site of the original theatre and opened to the public in 1997, with a production of Henry V. The site also includes the shell for a reconstruction of the Blackfriars Theatre, another Elizabethan theatre, due to be completed and opened in November 2013 as the Sam Wanamaker Theatre.

Congratulations Brazil for such a nice present!

During May Rio de Janeiro is the harp capital with its International Festival

6 May 2013

Rio Harp Festival

harpIs an annual event that this year is on its sixty edition . Up to May 31st is offering 69 concerts in one of the oldest musical instruments in the history of mankind.

The Harp Festival is part of the Autumn Concerts on the project Music in the Museum, which promotes free performances of classical music in diverse spaces such museums, cultural centers, palaces, churches, synagogues, subway stations and even in Corcovado, the most emblematic touristic attraction of the city.

Among the attractions of this edition are international names like  the Japanese Kumiko Inoue,  the young instrumentalist Benjamin Creighton, from Wales, who at the age of 13th  years old has won several awards and is considered the great revelation of the harp in the world and the Welsh Claire Jones,  official harpist of the British Court, who played at the  wedding of Prince William to Kate Middleton.

There is also a week dedicated to Latin American harpists, bringing together musicians from Argentina, Chile, Paraguay, Peru, Colombia, Venezuela, Mexico and the Caribbean countries. On the concerts repertoire, classical works get together  with  various popular genres such as music and Paraguayan Antilles.

harpasRenewed Brazilian Harpers, as Silvia Braga and Maria Célia Machado, are  on the schedule as well as the Brazilian Harp Orchestra performing works by Villa-Lobos, Francisco Mignone and Edino Krieger, among other composers.

To learn more about the programming: http://www.rioharpfestival.com/Programa.aspx/

Comida di Buteco

5 May 2013

This is delicious!!!

coida di butecoIs happening now, in Rio de Janeiro the “Comida di Buteco” Festival . The event goes up to May 12th and has the aim of spreading our “cozinha de raiz”.
For centuries, the pub is part of the landscape of our cities. But because it was not  a popular eating  area, did not call the  necessary attention  and therefore lived on the margins of society.

In 1999, Eduardo Maya introduced a project  to Radio Gerais FM in Minas Gerais to create a competition between pubs of Belo
Horizonte. The proposal won the green light and was called Comida di Buteco. in these 14 years, several states have joined the contest and since  2008 Rio de Janeiro is part of this group. The  Contest is now present in 16 Brazilian cities and is widely recognized for its role in the dissemination of our “Cozinha de Raiz”.

barpalhinha_palhitossensacoes_comidadibuteco_2013_boadiversao_7069From April 12th to May 12th, Comida di Buteco will present 400 different snacks  where the sausage and cassava will be  the special guests. This year the contest will be held for the first time in 16 participating cities simultaneously with the proposal to unify the special ingredients in all of them.
To learn more …: http://www.comidadibuteco.com.br/rio-de-janeiro/botecos/

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