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30 June 2013

Words that encourage innovative ideas

untitledouvirA major innovation is that which comes from within us, the truths we hide, the unlimited, the unknown … According to Lourenço Bustani from, there are attitudes that can promote innovative ideas.
He says there are four words that can not miss in the daily lives of all entrepreneurs looking for innovation.


viajarThese words are travel, read, hear and feel.
Want to know why?
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25 June 2013

Want to be an entrepreneur? Fall in love and work, work, work …

hardworkI read today in the “Boletim do Empreendedor”,  a very interesting interview with the Swiss Ronald Degen, one of the first to work with the concept of entrepreneurship in Brazil.

He says that anyone can become an entrepreneur, what makes the difference are the  experiences and  opportunities we have.




imagestrabalhoRead the interview  of this genius of entrepreneurship and find out why he says things that most affect the decision to launch as an entrepreneur are the financial obligations and family.

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Fiscal Island – History and Leisure at Guanabara Bay

24 June 2013

The Last Ball of the Empire

untitledilhaThe castle was designed by Adolpho Jose Del Vecchio to work as a tax office and customs. The castle in neo gothic style was inspired by the French castles of the 14th century and for its beauty, received the gold medal at the exhibition of the Imperial School of Fine Arts. The emperor by that time, referred to it as a work so beautiful that it was like a delicate case, worthy of a brilliant gem due to its privileged location and the  beauty of the Guanabara Bay.

The construction and the materials used were of the highest quality and it is worth mentioning the work of the exquisite mosaic floor of the tower made ​​with several types of wood, the  stained glass windows imported from England and  the decorative painting of walls.

images1The Fiscal Island castle was opened in 1889 by Emperor D. Pedro II   who ordered the famous  Ball dance of the Fiscal Island in honor of the crew of the Chilean battleship Almirante Cochrane to strengthen ties of friendship with Chile , to  rebuild the prestige of the monarchy and to introduce Princess Isabel as the future queen of Brazil.

imagesfiscalThe Ball had 5000 guests and was the largest festivity held in Brazil. The excesses of the menu, the music, the luxuries and extravagances of the guests generated all kinds of comments and discontent in the population at the time . The Republic  was proclaimed six days after the prom and the emperor and his family  was expelled from Brazil.

In 2001, after a big  restoration work, the  space regained its splendor and  it  is now  opened to public  to see the permanent and temporary expositions and to  explore its beauties, the history of the island and the Navy.

Companhia Libra de Navegação

22 June 2013

Good Old Memories….

Yesterday, was a resounding success the event organized by Royal Rio Suporte Executivo to put together the former employees of Companhia Libra de Navegação.

Employees came from many destinations, São Paulo, Minas Gerais, Rio Grande do Sul and even from Canada to attend this event.

Lots of good memories in the air,  great emotions and tenderness in this reencounter.

Royal Rio always present on the best moments, caring about you and your well-being! Enjoy the pictures.

IMG_0009 (Medium)IMG_0010 (Medium)IMG_0011 (Medium)IMG_0013 (Medium)IMG_0016 (Medium)IMG_0019 (Medium)IMG_0021 (Medium)


The Love Island

21 June 2013

The Archipelago of Paquetá

PaquetáFrom the pirate’s tales up to the literary novels, Paquetá Island stands out for its beautiful landscapes which in the past, delighted the Portuguese nobility. From the  French occupation in the sixteenth century to the imperial opulence of the  nineteenth  century, Paquetá preserves its charm that makes the island known as the  “Love Island”.paqueta2

 The archipelago of Paquetá consists of 15 islands where Paquetá with 1.2km2, is the main one. The island was discovered in 1555 by André Thevet,  the cartographer from the  French expedition of Villegaignon.

The boat ride to the island take about 70 minutes sea crossing through Guanabara Bay. The island offer entertainments that goes from little trains, horse carriages up to individual or double bicycles for rental.Paquetá5Sea crossing is a journey into time. The starting point of the transition is Praça XV, the main port of Rio de Janeiro colonial time, which today houses centennial buildings full of history. The symbolism continues with the sea, the old barge moving away slowly & leaving behind the city fully exposed.

It’s worth spending a day on the island. Royal Rio can prepare a customized day tour just for you.

Contact us.

Is Brazil really ready for the forthcoming events?

20 June 2013

The World Cup can’t save Brazil’s tourism industry

imagesNBCThis is the news I read today on NBC News, and I decided to share with  all of you.

The journalist Brad Haynes from Reuters, is pointing out the difficulties a tourist faces when they arrive in the Northeast region and he is perfectly right on his statements . We only have to consider that the situation is the same all around the country and not a regional situation.

He mention that difficulty to buy tickets to the stadiums, lack, distance and prices of  accommodation, professionals with lack of good communication skills, the chaotic situation of airports and the bad transportation  quality are the major problems a tourist faces when they arrive in the country. He also says that even though Brazil is known by its gorgeous beaches, tempting climate, and legendary hospitality, our tourism industry pales next tour neighbors and we are spoiling our opportunities of success on the coming events.

Do you want to know more? Read the article…



A Famous Landscape Architect

19 June 2013

Roberto Burle Marx and his Estate

imagesMarambaiaBarra de Guaratiba, is a bucolic middle-class seaside neighborhood in the western part  of Rio. The place  lies in a region of ecological reserve, between  sandbanks and mangrove forest,  surrounded by beaches  which some  are only accessible by mountain trails as the  Restinga da Marambaia(Marambaia’s sandbank), an ecological sanctuary with clear waters and beaches of white sand.

The sandbank is one of the few places in town, where the vegetation touches the sea. It is a beautiful stretch of sand, with almost 43 km long. The whole length of  the Restinga da Marambaia is  owned by the Brazilian Navy that uses it to conduct it’s naval sea exercises.

imagesburle marxAt Barra de Guaratiba you have a gorgeous estate called Sitio Roberto Burle Marx .

Roberto Burle Marx was internationally known as one of the most important landscape architects of the 20th century. He was an artist of multiple facets, besides being a landscape designer he was also a remarkable painter, sculptor, singer, and jewelry designer, with a sensibility that is shown throughout his work .

In 1949, he bought a 365,000m2 estate in Barra de Guaratiba, in the outskirts of Rio de Janeiro, where he lived and started to organize his big plant collection, considered one of the world’s most important with regard to tropical plants and semi-tropical, having the title of Brazilian cultural heritage since 1985

imagesCAE73KZ2In the “Sitio” is on display works from the artist – paintings, drawings, tapestries, stained glass, tile panels, painted fabrics, as well as a significant collection of decorative glass, baroque images of wood, pre-Columbian ceramics and an exceptional collection of Brazilian folk pottery originated from the Jequitinhonha Valley-MG. There are in the gardens,  ceramic sculptures (totems) from Miguel dos Santos, a ceramist from Joao Pessoa-PB, and a copy of the famous lions from Mestre Nuca from Tracunhaém -PE. On the premisses there is also a Chapel from the 17th century dedicated to St. Anthony.

imagesCAHNZNYJIn 1985, he donated his estate to the federal government cultural organization, National Institute for Cultural Heritage – IPHAN. Roberto Burle Marx died at his estate in Barra de Guaratiba in 1994, at the age of 84.

Curious to know the place? Royal  Rio may assist you preparing a personalized  cultural day tour to the area. Just talk to us!!

Can you have your own business?

18 June 2013

Let’s relax and play a little  today

imagesCA00CN90I played this game  today and thought it was real nice. So,  I brought this test for you to assess your entrepreneurial profile and check if you’re ready to “venture” in this world full of emotions that is entrepreneurship.

Through a very relaxed game you will select equipment, strategies and knowledge that will help you go the right way to entrepreneurial success.

Accept the challenge, awaken the child in you, and have fun with the test to see  if you are able to have your own business.

Have fun! Good luck!




16 June 2013

Exclusive Real State Seminar in Rio de Janeiro

Sheraton Rio Hotel will be hosting  on 17th and 18th June, the exclusive seminar sponsored by Elite International Realty.
The seminar is a unique opportunity to get to know the  good business opportunities and the personalized business investments  in Florida-Miami.
Specialist will be present in the areas of  real estate, tax, immigration, international banks and property managers.
Royal Rio Suporte Executivo Ltda will be there too!!




A famous staircase in Rio de Janeiro

14 June 2013

The steps of the Santa Teresa Convent or The Selarón staircase

imagesCAVRGALMJorge Selarón, born in  Chile, 1947 . He was a self-taught painter and ceramist  who decided to live in the city of Rio de Janeiro. Passionate about the city he decided to make a tribute of gratitude  decorating Rio’s neighborhoods of Lapa and Santa Teresa.

His largest and most famous work is the “Stairway of the Santa Teresa Convent ” , also known as “Selarón Stairway, which connects the neighborhood of Santa Teresa to the neighborhood of Lapa.

In 1990 Jorge Selarón bought a house next to the staircase and began his work decorating the sidewalks stairs with  old bath tubs with gardens and placing colored tiles on the steps. His lonely work counted only on the income derived from the sale of his paintings and occasional donations from residents. With difficulty he reached his goal of having 215 steps and 125 meters from the escalator completed before 2000.

imagesescadasSelarón named his work as a mutant art and after 2000 his work was included in the tourist routes and his financial income gradually increased. With this additional money he could devote to the ornamentation of the sidewalks and carried numerous modifications.

Worldwide Fans sent him tiles and he had  over 2000 different tiles from more than sixty countries. With those tiles, Selarón was able to make major additions in the stairs.

In recognition, to his work, in May 2005, the staircase was overturned by the municipality and Selarón received the title of honorary citizen of Rio de Janeiro.

In 2010, the impressive flag in the upper staircase was completed but the front of the residences of low walls steps were performedimagesCA2470I7 at different times and in accordance with the permission of their owners. To keep his work going, Selarón sold more than 25,000 paintings, often with a theme motivated by a personal problem: the theme of the black pregnant woman.

On January 10th 2013, the painter was found dead on the staircase. He was depressed and committed suicide by setting fire in his body. Several times, the artist had declared that the staircase would only be ready on the day of his death, when he would become  a legend and its own staircase .

His beautiful and  famous staircase  is now known worldwide


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