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28 December 2013


To our friends, families, customers, readers and followers….

May this New year Brings you Everlasting Happiness and peace

Success in whatever you do

Prosperity to you and your family

Fills your home with joy and spirit

 Happy New Year !!!!


Happy Hollidays !

23 December 2013




Dear friends,readers and followers. 

I am sure 2013 was a successful year for all of my readers and followers. It was a good year for me and I  could not have done it without you! I thank all of you all for your support.  As the holiday season is near, we are excited for everything that 2014 will bring and cannot wait to share new experiences with my readers  around the world.

Let me take this opportunity to wish you all a happy holiday season (no matter if you celebrate Christmas or not), a Happy New Year and all the best for 2014.

Merry Christmas and a Prosperous 2014!!!








At the Botanical Garden of Rio de Janeiro

16 December 2013

images (5)The new cactario garden at Jardim Botanico

On  December 5th was reopened to the public  the cactario garden of the Botanical Garden with its collection and areas  extended . The space won two lookouts that connect to the Atlantic Path and allow the visitor  to observe the arboretum and its wildlife through binoculars. In the Atlantic Forest Way, totem of typical animals  of this vegetation indicates the route, and swivel seats serve  to the contemplation of the garden in its various angles.

The architecture of the lake  on the Cactário was also modernized and all paths were revised aiming to highlight its original design and offer greater mobility. Whoever comes to the space will also benefit from a new grandstand specially designed for rest and contemplation putposes. The  Cactário also received a new thematic collection of  rupicolous, typical plants of the  slopes that  were rescued during the construction of the line  4 of the Rio Metro.

The Cactário is  open daily from 8am  to 5 pm (up to 6 pm during Daylight Saving Time ) . The space is located next to the Garden Café .

Nelson Mandela – An Example to be followed

6 December 2013

nelson-mandela-love-3downloadA brave revolutionary against Apharteid



1918 – 2013


18th edition of Trem do Samba

5 December 2013

imagesBDecember 2nd  – National Day of Samba


TREM DO SAMBA is the memory of  the traditional carioca samba.

It was a journey made ​​by the legendary Paulo da Portela at the beginning of the last century. On his  long journey back home, on the train, he sung and told  the stories of his community. One day he decided to do this trip in the National Day of Samba, causing  all  Brazil to celebrate this day .

O Trem do Samba today, takes over 100,000 people to Rio de Janeiro suburban area, and is today the most traditional celebration of Brazilian popular music .

Throughout this week, the samba is being celebrated in different parts of the country. In these six days of joy, art and music, the programming is intense and includes concerts of the “Velha Guarda”, with D. Ivone Lara, Tabajara Orchestra, Jorge Aragao, Delcio Carvalho , Noca da Portela, Serginho Procopio, Monarco, Surica, Wilson Moreira, Marquinhos  from Oswaldo Cruz and many others not less important, that will  shake the stages spread in diverse  parts of the Rio  suburb.

There are still the “Tendas do Saber” with several settings , including storytellers and music for children, videos and films, lectures and workshops at varying times in rooms with air conditioning. The admission is free  – by donating  01 book  or 01 kg of non-perishable food,  seating : 100 seats .

The height of the samba party  will be held on December 7th, when  four trains and 36 freight cars are already booked to take the audience to the neighborhood that saw the birth of the  great singer-songwriters of various generations .

If you want to participate check out the schedule at:




















Training for Teams – Rio de Janeiro

4 December 2013

TFT- Adventure full of obstacles

993453_319016181571005_1770367900_nTFT – Training for Teams is a training method created to improve its practitioners  physically and mentally, seeking an improvement on their  quality of life .

The method was created by a professional physical education based on his experience in training the U.S. Navy.




downloadOn December 8, 2013, Jockey Club Brasileiro will held the First  TFT – Training for Teams.

The proof will have all kinds of obstacles (mud, ice wall, ropes and more) arranged in different pathways (4K or 8K). Obstacles are inspired by military training and testing the physical and mental capacity of the participants, but always focusing on fun and individual and collective resilience.

Date: 08/12/2013
City: Rio de Janeiro / RJ
Venue: Jockey Club Brasileiro (R. Jardim Botanico, 1003)
Time: 7:00 a.m.


Package  1 – R $ 90,00
Package  2 – R $ 110.00
package 3 – R $ 135,00

“For each entry made ​​will be donated R $ 2.00 (two reais) for the organization to be benefited: Doctors Without Borders”

Guitarist Steve Vai’s new touring – Dec 7

2 December 2013

“Story of Light 2013 Tour”

20131005-161312-209636Steve Vai, one of the guitar heroes, will be playing in Rio de Janeiro in December. Circo Voador, will be hosting the concert   “Story of Light Tour 2013” on December 7th.
Steve won the Grammy three times and  arrives in Brazil with his first solo album in seven years. His  new CD gives name to his show.
Rio de Janeiro
When: Saturday, December 7, 11 pm
Where: Circo Voador -Rua dos Arcos, S / N – Lapa
Price: from R$ 100 to R $ 200

The Sounds of Rio



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