Vip Bike Rides

26 January 2014

images bike1Are you a Biker? And a VIP?

Then you are going to love this idea. You can rent a bike to go to Sumaré for a nice ride.

The difference is that the ride will be with total comfort and you will be treated as a VIP because when you rent the bike, a guide,  a  mechanic and a support car will be following you just in case you get tired.

If this happen, you just have to stop and take the car to go on.

If you live in the south part of Rio and you opt to do the Sumaré route, Bike Vip Club, will pick you up at home, takes you to the highest  part of the route and you will only have to go down enjoying the view. If you wish, you can also add a pic-nic to your day.

Isn’t that cool??? Everything surrounded of comfort and total security? How about feel as a VIP for a day?





How’s about a beer?

24 January 2014

bhoemia1teresopolisniteroiimagesFY3FTCIYDelicious and very cold

With so many hot day, so delicious beer, how about learning at the source, how to make a good beer ?

Well, worth taking the car and spend a different day in one of the 4 breweries in the state of Rio de Janeiro. With so many option, where to start ?

How about Petropolis ? The Brewery Bohemia, has a beautiful museum and an interactive guided tour on the seven thousand square meters of the brewery that allows you to discover everything about the history, rituals and curiosities of the drink that was discovered more than eight thousand years ago.

In the nearby town of Terezópolis, you will find  Vila St. Gallen, a thematic space  inspired by the Swiss town of the same name. There you will have classes with tasting  of different types of beer.

Who would not mind going a little further, can visit the brewery  Mistura Classica  in Volta Redonda that is  offering guided tours in the factory with  the  master brewer showing tanks in operation and the steps of labeling and packaging.

Now, crossing the Rio – Niteroi Bridge is Noi brewery. There are tanks in glazing spaces for customers to see all the stages of manufacturing beers.

Sure ! ! In all of them, you can taste the different kinds of  beer. Therefore, it is better to hire a driver who does not drink at all!



Another view… So refreshing….

21 January 2014

imagesuntitled2  A RIDE AND A DIVE

Is there anything more refreshing in a hot summer day?

For sure, not! It is really inviting to see the blue sky and ride on the Guanabara Bay to see Rio in another special  refreshing  angle.

We have several companies offering daily sailings tours. The tours are made in schooners and  accompanied by bilingual guides. Sailings are always in the morning whenever there is  a group of at least 10 people.

There are 4 routes and the most populars are the ones that come out of the bay towards the Ipanema bounding  Cagarras Islands entitled to a 30-minute break for a swim in the open sea. The other option is to Itaipu beach in Niterói where you can swim to the sand.

For  reservations, you have to  call the Marina da Gloria – 2225 7434/99986 9678. Prices for the tour to IlhasCagarras and Itaipu are R $ 90,00 / person

The Gypsies and Saint Sara Cali

19 January 2014

untitledimages1TYWESOKDo you want to know about the gipsy culture?


Last year the event to see the Gipsy party in France was a must!

If you want to go to France to learn more about the gypsies,  come with Andrea Stoppe, to join the biggest gypsies party  on Saint Sara’s day and  to meet the charming Provence, in southern France. This whole area is full of different cultures and traditions, much religiosity and unspeakable nature.The colored region in southern France has long served as inspiration for many artists, especially painters and writers. It is not difficult to understand the reasons. The light is special. The colors are different. Provence is fragrant.
Are wonderful places with incomparable beauty. The divine magic of nature side by side  with historic landmarks, religious and lots of art.
You will pass by beautiful buildings of baroque and medieval architecture that is  part of the pilgrimage routes since the sixth century and are considered assets of UNESCO.
According to tradition, the three Marys, Mary Magdalene, Mary Jacobe, Mary Salome, accompanied by Sarah, Lazare and Maximin, left the Holy Land and the Mediterranean Sea and  miraculously crossed the ocean  in a boat without rowing and sailing  and arrived at  the banks of the small town, known  today, as  Saintes Maries de la Mer. (which means the holy Marys of the Sea). A blessed place, surrounded by a natural park and an ecological reserve where flamingos, bulls and horses mark constant presence in its landscape.
Andrea is the owner of Tourism La Carte and specialized in French culture. She will offer you again,  unforgettable days of pilgrimage and visit to Provence. From May 22nd to 29th, you will live a Roadmap of dreams. Don’t miss it!

You are going to fall in love with Provence and Saintes Maries de la Mer.

For more options and details :

Turismo à la Carte –   Skype: andreastoppe – (21) 98016-4528

Summer on the wheels at the forest

17 January 2014

imagesQ3X22SF1Effortlessly with the electric scooter…

Another interesting option for the summer. Easyway Brasil is offering daily rides to Tijuca Forest.

A van takes the group up to Cascatinha and there the fun starts. Several electric scooters will be  waiting for you.  You will only  have to bend your body forward a bit to enjoy the best of the post cards of Rio, without any kind of effort.

Fresh, pleasant, cool and effortless. The best way to enjoy Rio!!

The ride costs R$ 180,00 and if you want to rent an electric scooter, get in touch with Easyway Brasil at 2143 0808 from 9 am to 6 pm daily,


New Summer Adventure

15 January 2014

imagesIs that true!?!?! An amphibian bus?

Yes, it is true. If you want to venture into the city in a different way, this is one of the new attractions for the summer in Rio.

Can you imagine a peaceful  ride on the streets of Rio and suddenly see the bus go into  the waters of Guanabara Bay ?

Surely it is a  possible and safe adventure. The trip will be accompanied by a guide or a monitor to ensure safety and good stories about the city.

This new adventure will start on March 20th. The bus carries 28 passengers and the ride goes through out Urca, Botafogo, Flamengo and Gloria neighborhoods in a mix of adventure and culture.

You can take the bus at Praça General Tiburcio at Praia Vermelha. It is a daily ride that leaves Urca at 10 am, 12pm  and 2 pm at the cost of R$ 95,00/person.


Summer time and the news

14 January 2014

RODA GIGANTEA go round wheel in Botafogo?

Yessss!!!!! Isn’t that fantastic?!?

We will have two go round wheels in Rio. One in Copacabana that will operate during Summer season and another one in Botafogo.

The go round wheel in Botafogo  was  inspired by the London Eye  and will not work only during summer. The project is to stay in place until the end of the  Olympics 2016.

It will be 50 meters tall,  will have 16 cabins with air conditioning and seating for 128 people, 8 people per cabin. The tour will last eight minutes and prices will be between R$ 20,00 and R$ 25 for the ride.

It is expected to be opened before the carnival season.  Let’s wait for the fun!


2014…. Rio de Janeiro….. Summer Time!

13 January 2014

images Aimages bSummer, the most “Carioca”season

Here we are once again! 2013 is gone and 2014 just started with new projects and surprises.

Summer is in the city with temperatures around 50o. Celsius. The cariocas never saw such a  heat but it also brings joy and lots of news for the people.

I will be telling all of you what is going on in the city. Everything is new and in fashion.

Saturday , 11th started the 3rd version of “Verão Rio ” at Ipanema beach sponsored by “O Globo”. The quiosk  starts at 9 am and goes up to 5pm offering a variety of activities to the population.

They start lending chairs, umbrellas, toys and sport equipment and they are offering classes of volleyball, footvolley, sand sculpture and slackline,  free seccions of massages , shiatsu and yoga.

At 6 pm when the temperature starts to go down they offer shows at open air with different bands and singers such as George Israel (Kid Abelha), BandaTereza, Sergio Britto (Ex-Titãs), Ana Cañas, Tiago Iorc ,DJ Dodô, Jesuton and many others.

Summer in Rio is a happening! Let’s find out together everything is going on this season!

The Sounds of Rio



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