Mix of Italian and Brazilian music

30 April 2014

 The Supreme Mafalda Minnozzi in Rio de Janeiro


220px-SPRITZ_-_Album´s_coverMafalda Minnozzi, an Italian pop-jazz-swing singer who created a uniquely styled world music mixing Brazilian and Italian influences and rhythms with a modern, original touch.

She was bonr in Italy in 1967 and developed her career along  25 years listening  the most expressive artists of the 30s and the 40s American Jazz like Duke Ellington, Cole Porter, Billie Holiday , Frank Sinatra, Edith Piaf, Sade, Annie Lennox, Elis Regina, Ornella Vanoni, Nat King Cole, Joe Cocker and Lucio Dalla.

In 1996 her love affair with Brazil began  when she first arrived here to present herself on a series of shows at the club “Paradiso” in Rio de400px-Spritz_1 Janeiro.  Later she recorded her first live CD  in Brazil entitled “Uma Noite no Paradiso”, issued by  Som Livre.

She will be in Rio once more as a special tribute  to Mother’s day. She will sing on May 7th  at  Teatro Net Rio .

Her concert  Spritz is new in Brazil and The repertoire  is a combination of individual creativity and respect for tradition where she interprets the hits of the “Golden Age” of Italian Music: 50´s and 60´s.



Rebirth and Renewal

19 April 2014

Viva  Easter!!


To live Easter is …

Being able to change,  pascoa1_1 (1)

Share life in hope,

Fight to win all sorts of suffering

Say  yes to love and life,

Invest in  fraternity.


Strive for a better world

Help more people  to be people,

Live in constant liberation

And  believe in life that triumphs over death.


Feliz pascoaRoyal Rio Suporte Executivo Ltda

Wishes all our clients, partners, friends, readers, followers and their families a Happy  and blessed Easter!

Stop it! Hit the brakes and think!

16 April 2014

Small entrepreneurs must assume all tasks?

Due to a number of reasons, we small entrepreneurs,  believe we have to do everything at once and we ended up taking sobregarga 1all the tasks of  our business and concentrating all responsibilities and decisions in our hands.

Is that good??? What a great mistake!

Despite our constant connection with our smartphones and tablets, we just can  not do everything we want and we feel more and more anxious, more tired and less productive.

We know everything we have to do and where we want to go, but sometimes we do not  get where we wanted because we did not make an strategic  plan of actions.

images (2)To stay calmer and feeling we having done all that had been planned, we need to create habits not to finish exhausted and overworked because we are doing everything simultaneously.

Without holidays and relaxing  moments for  quite a while , I was going into this endless circle . I was feeling sick, exhausted and extremely impatient . One of the doctors I visited told me … “work is a way of life and not a means of death ” …

From this statement , I stopped to think about that and decided I needed to do something for my own  benefit in order not to become ill  and to be able to continue ahead of my business .

I started my changes, organizing my days . Did the more important things of the day, early in the morning for a maximum period of 90 minutes  and  avoiding downloadferiasinterruptions. Settled  time to start and finish because as more  concentrated I keep myself , higher is my productivity. And before moving on to a new task I stop for a few minutes to renew my energies .

I am keeping a discipline of 1 hour at most for my meetings and decided to stop expecting immediate answers at any time of day . This way I  do not succumb to the urgencies. Between a meeting and another, I walk into a cafe and give me time to think strategically on what was said or  get prepared for my  next appointment .

To have a more  healthier and  productive results, I’m planning a vacation. A real one ! Even if it is only for a long weeend to really disconnect from work .

We are not infallible ! We need to do one thing at a time.


14 April 2014

Dance with ” O Boticário”

O boticarioOur very known  beauty company “O Boticario” is promoting and sponsoring a dance festival.
Their goal is to promote dance in Brazil and lead increasingly larger audiences to  know the perfection of movements.
The festival features the presence of large national and international companies and promotes free workshops under the guidance of the directors and dancers of those ballet companies. batsheva
The shows take place in the states of Curitiba, Sao Paulo, Rio de Janeiro and Recife with popular prices – R$10,00 – R$60.00.
In Rio de Janeiro the shows take place at 09:00 pm from April 30th to May 4th  at the Municipal Theater
The schedule is as follows:
Wednesday, April 30th – BATSHEVA ENSEMBLE
Thursday, May 1st  – AKRAM KHAN COMPANY
Saturday, May 3rd – TAO DANCE THEATER
Good show!

The sparkle in their eyes

7 April 2014

Happy and Satisfied Kids

Is not only of assisting executives and  foreigners in transit in Rio de Janeiro that Royal Rio Suporte Executivo  lives. 2013-11-13 10.01.01

SESC Rio de Janeiro, developed a project for children in the communities. With their project, SESC offer workshops and plays for underprivileged children where they have the opportunity to interact with artists learning about literature and writers with an easy and known dialogue adapted to their everyday’s life.

2013-11-13 13.23.15Royal Rio is very proud to have been selected to assist and support  the children of 4-8 years of age on those special days.

It is very rewarding and exciting to see they pay attention to each one of our movements  without a word but with curiosity they listen to  all our instructions and explanations. They behave very well but  silently they compete among themselves to be at our side asking  as much questions  as they can in order to fulfill all their  expectations.

These children feel very  important and happy when the time to board on  the buses chartered, especially  for them, for the occasion arrives.   2013-11-13 13.21.56

To see the twinkle in their eyes, and the smile of  happiness on each one of these kids, is the best response to our work.

The Sounds of Rio



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