A Romantic Piano

20 October 2014


download (1)The French pianist became an international star due to his unique style of playing romantic melodies with a classical piano training and  a strong influences from pop music. Since the 1970s,  he sold over 150 million albums.

Accompanied by a string orchestra, Richard Clayderman is back to Rio to present his Tour Romantique, based on the album that celebrates his 60 years of life and can be considered as his most popular touring repertoire. Romantique_ComingSoon2

Romantique is the star of his first instrumental romantic music CD after more than a decade without recording. This CD brings highlights as the original Ballade Pour Adeline, his first big hit dated 1977, and own arrangements for  film and scholars themes as Spartacus Adagio, Nessum Dorma and Les Miserables-Medley. Besides his great successes will also be included in the repertoire songs  as You Raise Me Up, Titanic Symphony, Le Miserables and America.

Richard Clayderman will perform on October 25th and 26th at 9 pm on the stage of Theatro Municipal.


2014 – Summer Schedule

16 October 2014

Daylight Saving Time

images (1)The summer schedule will begin this year on October 19th and will last until February 22nd.  In ten states and the Federal District, the clocks go forward by one hour. The measure applies to 11 units of the federation, the South, Midwest and Southeast: Rio de Janeiro, Minas Gerais, Espírito Santo, Mato Grosso, Mato Grosso do Sul, Goiás, Rio Grande do Sul, Santa Catarina, Paraná, São Paulo and the Federal District.

Daylight saving time always begins on the third Sunday of October – this year, a week before the second round of elections – and is maintained until the third Sunday in February next year. If the end date coincides with Carnival Sunday, the deadline is extended  in one week.

Sunday, do not forget to set your watches forward in 1 hour.

The best of Italian Music

15 October 2014

Pepino di Capri  in Rio de Janeiro

imagesHe was born Giuseppe Faiella and  is a real star of Italian music.  He began to take prominence in the 60s with renditions of Neapolitan classics in modern versions, such as “I Te Vurria Vasa”, “You and Notte” and “Luna Caprese”, plus the famous hits “Roberta” and “Champagne” .

If you like Italian music, this is the opportunity to see Pepino di Capri. He will be performing on the stage of  Vivo Rio on October the 24th  at 10:00 pm.  download

With 56 years of success few artists have managed to combine  the tradition of the Neapolitan music with the modernity  of rock’n’roll and twist, symbol of an era that was immortalized by the hit “Let’s twist again” – Chubby Checker and still keep his acclaimed songs sung around the world.

Peppino Di Capri was the only representative of Italian rock’n’roll to have the honor of taking the stage to open the Beatles concerts held in Milan, Genoa and Rome in 1968.

The real breakthrough came with his participation in the Sanremo Festival where he won in 1973 with the song “Un amore e niente più great,” in 1976 with the song “Non più faccio it”, in 1985 with “And mo and mo”,  in 1987 with “Il sognatore”, with ” Evviva Maria ” in 1990 and with “Favola Blues” in 1991.  In January 1996 toured with Fred Bongusto throughout Italy where at the end, they  recorded an  live album with the duo.

Currently, Pepino Di Capri, is dedicated to touring the world presenting their hits from the 60s and 70s.




Do you like Tango?

11 October 2014

One Night in Buenos Aires 

The Best Tango Show  in the world will happen at the Municipal Theatre of Rio on October 20th at 08:30 pm. poladian

The show brings together the very best of the Argentinian music and dance  and completed 40 years of global  touring with over 30,000 performances.

The show has the participation of the  Mi Buenos Aires Querido Ballet,  Juan Carlos Copes and Joan Ballet, the singers Alberto Bianco, greatest interpreter of Mariano Mores and stellar figure of  the La Ventana and Viejo Almacen and the  singer and guitarist Leo Carabajal who played with Mercedes Sosa, Ariel Ramirez and Jaime Torres.

download (1)Mi Buenos Aires Querido Ballet is under the musical  direction of conductor  Carlo Buono, known in Europe as’ The King of Tango “. This bandoneon player, composer and arranger is considered the most authentic and magnificent interpreter of Piazzolla. He is the winner of the SADAIC Award / Golden Bandoneon and is currently touring as special guest on the performances of the Dutch violinist André Rieu.


Vietnam is back in Rio

9 October 2014

Vietnamese Pilgrims back to Rio


Once again we are proud to show  our work to our readers.2014-10-07 16.36.45

2014-10-07 16.28.38Under the command of  Mrs. My-Linh Nguyen  and the young and energetic  Father Bill Cao, we received this time a group of 25 pilgrims eager to know the best Rio could offer to them.

They were thrilled to see all the beauties of  Rio and to learn about  the  history and syncretism of our religious  background .

They were amazed with the architecture and history of our colonial churches and with the modernism and minimalism of our Metropolitan Cathedral.

The highest point of the pilgrimage, was undoubtedly the surprise of the Mass celebrated at the feet of one of the most famous monument in the world, “Christ the Redeemer”.2014-10-08 11.53.41

We would like to point out  that those responsible for the Christ the Redeemer’s  chapel ,  are ready to receive with open arms,  pilgrims from around the world who want to perform their services in their own language.

For this it is necessary to make reservations in advance. If any group of pilgrims are interested in experiencing the thrill of being blessed by our “Christ the  Redeemer “ , Royal Rio Suporte Executivo can take charge of organizing the event.

The Legendary singer former Supertramp

6 October 2014

Roger Hodgson

Roger-Hodgson-landscapeWill perform on the  stage of Vivo Rio on October 18th at 10 pm .  He is recognized internationally as one of the most gifted composers and lyricists of our time. Roger Hodgson co-founded Supertramp in 1969 and represented the generation of progressive rock. He wrote and sang the songs of Supertramp, which were worldwide hits and lasted to the present day, “The Logical Song,” “Give a Little Bit,” “Breakfast in America,” “Take the Long Way Home,” ” Dreamer, “” School, “” It’s Raining Again“ and  many others that have become the soundtrack of our lives. Roger helped the band sell over 60 million albums. With his distinctive voice, Roger also sings favorite songs of Supertramp fans he created as “Hide in Your Shell,” “Child of Vision,” “Do not Leave Me Now,” and “Lord is it Mine,”  which were recorded among his five albums of his solo career.


2o. International Beer Festival for the Beer lovers

4 October 2014


Began  on Sept. 16th , the ticket sales for  the 2nd edition of the Mondial de la Bière. The event will take place on November 20th and 23rd from 2:00 to 11:00 pm in Terreirão d0 Samba downloadlocated at Rua Benedito Hipolyto, s / n, Praça Onze.

More than 23 000 people are expected during the four-day festival that brings together more than 600 labels of special beers for tasting, workshops, competitions, talk shows, and a beer pub. Among the breweries of this edition, Colorado, Fraga, Invicta, Eisenbahn, Baden Baden, Therezópolis, Insana, Jupiter, among others are confirmed .

Have fun but if you drink, do not drive!


Celebrating Child’s Day

4 October 2014

Disney Magic Run in Rio

Disney-Magic-Run-RioThe Walt Disney Company has confirmed that the Brazil race will happen at Aterro do Flamengo  on October 12, to celebrate Children’s Day .

The event have the  goal to provide a magical family day entering the Disney fantasy  into the most famous postcard in the world.

The Disney Magic Run combines running, hiking and entertainment for the whole family. It is dedicated to the well being and encourages sport and coexistence among all.

Disney fans can subscribe on the following  modalities: Walk with the family (3km) and individual race (6km).

Kids will have lots of fun !!

Progressive Rock Band back to Rio de Janeiro

1 October 2014

The Dream Theater

download (1)With a single presentation, one of the biggest progressive metal band, the Dream Theater  is back to Rio de Janeiro to perform their tour   “Along the Ride” on the stage of Vivo Rio on October 5th, at 8:30 pm.

The former Majesty band  was formed in 1985   by John Myund (bass),  John Petrucci  ( guitar) and Mike Portnov (drums). After changing into Dream Theater James LaBrie(vocal)  and Jordan Rudess ( keyboards)  joined the group. In  2010 when Portnoy left the band, Mike Mangini was announced as the new permanent drummer.

The band is well known for the technical proficiency of its instrumentalists, who have won many awards. Guitarist John Petrucci has been named as the third player on the G3 tour six times. In 2009 he was named the No. 2 best metal guitarist by  the book The 100 Greatest Metal Guitarist and he was also named as one of the “Top 10 Fastest Shredders of All Time”.

Jordan Rudess is considered to be one of the greatest keyboard players of all time  and former drummer Mike Portnoy has won 26 awards from Modern Drummer magazine and is also the second youngest person (at the age of 37) to be inducted into the Rock Drummer Hall of Fame. His replacement Mike Mangini has also previously set 5  WFD records. John Myung was voted the greatest bassist of all time in a poll conducted by Music Radar in 2010.

The band was inducted into the Long Island Music Hall of Fame in 2010 and their highest-selling album is the gold-selling “Images and Words” from 1992, which reached No. 61 on the Billboard 200 chart .

On this tour the band will perform for the carioca public  their twelfth studio album, the self titled “Dream Theater”.


The Sounds of Rio



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