26 February 2015

Jean-Baptiste Debret

DebretDebret studied at the French Academy of Fine Arts. His debut was at the Salon of the Beaux Arts of 1798, where he got the second prize.

He travelled to Brazil in March 1816 as a member of the so-called French Artistic  Mission, a group of bonapartist French artists and artisans bound to creating in Rio de Janeiro an arts and crafts Lyceum (Escola Real de Artes e Ofícios) under the auspices of  king D. João VI . He established his atelier at the Imperial Academy in December 1822 and became a valued teacher in 1826. In 1829 , he organized the first arts exhibition ever to take place in Brazil.

He was interest in the  everyday life in Brazil and, he started to sketch street scenes, local costumes and relations of the Brazilians in the period between200px-Pelourinho 1816 and 1831. He took a particular interest in slavery of blacks and in the indigenous peoples in  Brazil. Together with the German painter Johann Moritz Rugendas, his work is one of the most important graphic documentation of life in Brazil during the early decades of the 19th century.

Debret returned to France in 1831 and became a member of the Academie de Beaux Arts. From 1834 to 1839 he published his monumental series of three volumes of engravings, titled Voyage Pittoresque et Historique au Brésil. Unfortunately the work was not a commercial success and Debret died poor in Paris in 1848.

To celebrate the 450th anniversary of Rio de Janeiro, Espaço Cultural dos Correios will host from March 4th up to May 3rd  the  exposition called “Rio de Janeiro de  Debret “where the public will be able to see  120 original works from the Castro Maya Museum collection. The watercolors and drawings from the period  from 1816 to 1831 focuses on Rio landscape, in everyday life, customs and popular types from the early nineteenth century.

According to Anna Paola Baptista, curator of the exhibition “Debret is the greatest chronicler” of Brazil’s life in the first half of the nineteenth century. He accompanied and visually documented the transition from one mode of colonial life into an independent nation.

200px-Debret15aRio’s watercolours shows, even in its composition, the integrated approach of the artist to its object. It is striking the feeling of intimacy and proximity to the image portrayed emanating from their city watercolors, almost as if the point of view of observation came from the interior of the scene. Although dominated by the human figure, usually in the foreground, the works have a cast of architectural features, interior, clothing, customs, leisure, public entertainment or religious.

Centro Cultural Correios – Rua Visconde de Itaboraí, 20 – Centro – Rio de Janeiro|RJ

The exposition can be seen from Tuesday to Sundays from 12 to 7 pm – Free Admission





25 February 2015


logo_955e579j321Hotel Windsor Barra is hosting from today up to February  27th the fifth edition of RioContentMarket, the fair and exhibition on international  production  on open audiovisual content to the entire television industry and digital media.

The event that put together more than 36 countries and over 500 independent producers is being conducted by the Brazilian Association of Independent Producers of TV (ABPITV), organized by Fagga/GL events Exibition and curated by Emerald Productions. 

The 3 floors occupied by the fair will offer lectures and content of keynotes exposure,business round tables  meetings, previously scheduled and project presentations in pitching, distributed in seven rooms and ample networking space. Business meetings will also take place in the exhibition areas for stands, living lounges, outdoor terraces and private rooms for sponsors and exhibitors.

For more details please refer to: http://riocontentmarket.com.br/canal/?riocontentmarket/7920/o-evento/


13 February 2015

Your Ancient Roots

2015-02-05 14.41.10Hello Everyone!
Due to the great success and many requests, Royal Rio Suporte Executivo Ltda, decided to publish the Jewish experience tour In Rio de Janeiro.
Here is a preview:

Let’s embark in this adventure!! 2015-02-05 15.27.58
Jewish immigration to Brazil started in 1630 in Pernambuco state where the 1st synagogue in the Americas was built.
1920th, marked the arrival of the first immigrants to Rio. We’ll visit the 1st first synagogue of Rio dated 1932. Its architecture is simultaneously solemn and monumental and was inspired on the Great Synagogues of Florence and Trieste.
After we’ll go to the Jewish Museum founded in 1977 by 3 couples of the community who donated their personal collections to preserve history and culture of their backgrounds in Brazil. The main core of the Museum is 69 Hanukkah lamps and other objects made by the artisan Joseph Feldman.
We’ll move to the Israeli Religious Association, a liberal congregation formed in 1936 to assist the German Jewish immigrants arriving in increasing number.
Hungry? At Gutessen you will feel like home trying our Jewish cuisine.
We’ll finish with The Midrash Cultural Center A progressive space from 2009 that diffuses art, culture and thoughts.
If you are interested to know more details or book the tour please go to:


12 February 2015

Forever Michael Jackson

downloadBradesco Theatre at Village Mall will be hosting on March 4th at 09:00 pm , direct from the United States the band Who’s Bad  with their power-packed performance of Michael Jackson’s expansive catalog. Their show can only be described as a jaw-dropping, musical must-see.

With their electrifying performance, the band presents an exciting musical, a real trip through the four-decade  of Michael Jackon’s career as a musician, dancer, artist and genius.  download (1)

Who’s Bad was founded in 2004 by saxophonist, composer and arranger Vamsi Tadepalli and includes the best and most awarded musicians from North Carolina, that presents choreographic performance and  musical preciousness  that worthy the King of Pop.

The band has sold out their tours to the  United Kingdom, China, all across the United States, Brasil and many other countries and  shared the stage with some of the biggest artists in pop music, including Aretha Franklin, The Four Tops, Boys II Men and the Backstreet Boys. In the hall of fans, Who’s Bad won personalities like Anthony Nicolaidis, the LiveNation’s, which saw the band as “the real deal”.

No corner of the earth is safe from this infectious party production.





8 February 2015

Rio Open 2015

imagesFrom February 16th up to the 22nd , Jockey Club Brasileiro will be hosting the biggest tennis  tournament  in South America.
In its second edition, this year the competition will offer one more clay court making a total of  nine. One of which, the central stadium with capacity for 6,200 people. In addition to games, there will be an interactive area, Leblon Boulevard, with several attractions for the public, stands, shops and a food court. The organization expects one public over 50 thousand people present.NADAL CAMPEAO_4884

Rio Open presented by Claro is the only tournament in South America to simultaneously gather a stage of the ATP World Tour 500 and WTA International.

Tickets are being sold at www.tudus.com.br with prices ranging from R$ 25.00 to R$ 510.00. Sales will be made online only and will not be charged a convenience fee.

To learn more about the competition you have to go to http://www.rioopen.com/


The Sounds of Rio



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