Pixar in Rio de Janeiro

27 April 2015

25 years of Pixar at CCBB



The Pixar  theory covers every Pixar production since Toy Story and every Pixar movie is connected  working a narrative that ties all of the Pixar movies into one cohesive timeline with a main theme.

The point of this theory is to have fun and exercise your imagination while simultaneously finding interesting connections between all the  fantastic Pixar’s movies.

As part of the 450 years of the Rio de Janeiro, Centro Cultural Banco do Brasil  will receive between October and December, the Pixar exhibition- 25 Years of Animation.

It will be an interactive exhibition and multimedia, bringing together two great facilities and more than 600 original works of art and animated films revealing the magic behind the creation scenes of animated films. There will be sculptures, sketches, paintings interactive works and much  more.

The exhibition began as “Pixar: 20 years of Animation” in New York in 2006. In 2011, to commemorate the 25 years, the studios have updated the content shown with art of recent movies and other old ones.

This exhibition was successfully performed in more than 20 countries and Rio de Janeiro will be the first Latin American city to host the exhibition.

Just wait because October is  just around the corner!

The diva of contemporary jazz

20 April 2015

Madeleine Peyroux in Rio once again

images (26)Despite the French name, Madeleine Peyroux is an American jazz singer, songwriter, and guitarist considered one of the great sensations of contemporary jazz and  is  noted for her unique vocal style, which has been compared to Billie Holiday.

She is known for her charming and melancholy interpretation, Madeleine has a nose determined to mine repertoire far from obvious. Going from Leonard Cohen to Tom Waits, Bob Dylan, Serge Gainsbourg, Holiday,Bessie Smith, Patsy Cline, Édith Piaf, Johnny Mercer and Charlie Chaplin, who influenced her music , she has the gift to leave the classics even more perfect.

She will be in Rio to present her show “Keep Me In Your Heart for A While – The Best of Madeleine Peyroux”  on May 19th and 20th at Municipal Theatre .profile-big

This show has an  intimate formation of  a trio with voice, guitar and bass. The program features a musical anthology of 20-year career filled with hits like “Dance me to the end of love”, “La Vie en Rose” and “I’m all right.”

From Middle East to Rio

18 April 2015

PappaRoti Coffee Shop

download (1)Good news for the “Cariocas”,  the cafeteria PappaRoti, considered the “Middle East Starbucks” is coming to Rio  in 2015. The location is still  under negotiation. Ipanema or downtown area  or perhaps both.  Who knows?

The owner of the brand is the Muslim Rasha Al Danhani, one of the 100 most powerful entrepreneurs in Muslim countries. The cafeteria has franchises in Kuwait, Qatar, Oman, SaudiArabia and United Emirates. Are 450 stores. The creative director of the brand is the Brazilian Vicenzo Visciglia.

Let’s wait for their delicious coffee…


We just opened the year

12 April 2015

Espacinho  SESC – Have you ever heard?

SESC offers throughout the year, for municipal public schools, in several communities, the project SESC small space.

2015-04-09 10.16.46Once a month, the project offers to children from various communities schools, the possibility of attending a play and participate in a workshop.

The plays are designed to develop the magical universe and feed the fantasy of childhood imaginary teaching through children’s stories the daily values ​​of these children. The workshops, enable these children to come in contact with the various segments of mounting a show, working with music, creating characters, scenarios and working  with the body through the dance and representation.2014-09-18 11.04.24

This year, we opened the project with the play “Lili, A Circus Story” which tells the story of an orphan who seeks a place to start a new life and after meeting clowns, a magician, the bearded woman, a puppeteer and his puppets , Lili discovers her true calling while discovering love.

2015-04-09 11.02.14The workshop “Other Bodies in the Body” presents the process of creating the manipulation theater where certain body parts such as hands, knees and feet earn a living form  that makes direct mention of human traits. In addition to the workshops and plays, at the end of the day, SESC offers a tasty snack for the kids and they  can make a picnic in the dependencies of the institution and can interact with children from other communities. Certainly, this is a very important work that these  children love so much.2014-09-18 13.52.09

What we will have for the next month?





11 April 2015

Fat Choi Restaurant

Macao, administrative region of China since 1999, for four centuries, was a Portuguese colony. The Macao food is  practiced today in China, only for native families, summarized the 10% of the population.

recomenda-restaurantes-abreIt was opened in Rio at Catete neighbourhood , the Fat Choi Restaurant. It specializes in Macao cooking and is one of the only in the world, exclusively dedicated to Macao food.

The restaurant have  a simple decor with a friendly service with a single menu.The owner, Silvana Assumpção, Macanese father’s daughter, greets the clients with a courtesy  tea and chicken consomme which opens the meal.

Is Silvana who prepares the dishes, like the minchi, seasoned ground beef recipe with port wine, soy sauce and spices, mixed with diced potatoes and accompanied by rice and fried egg. But the best option is the cha siu, ham pig blades (marinated for 24 hours, steamed and roasted) in tasty sweet and sour sauce, served at room temperature, along with colored rice . All orders are still trimmed  with cooked vegetables.

If you like to try new flavours and spices you should go to  Fat Choi Restaurant , located at Rua do Catete, 127, Catete. Phone  3235-6623

Bon appetit !!


Happy Easter/ Feliz Páscoa !!

2 April 2015


images (3)

Some things are explained by science, others by faith./  Algumas coisas são explicadas pela ciência, outras pela fé.
Easter or Pessach, is more than a date, is more than science, is more than faith. /  A Páscoa ou Pessach, é mais do que uma data, é mais do que ciência, é mais do que fé.
Easter is love. /  Pascoa é amor.

(Albert Einstein)
We wish all our readers, customers,  partners, suppliers and friends a HAPPY EASTER!

Desejamos a todos os nossos leitores, clientes, parceiros,  fornecedores e amigos uma FELIZ PÁSCOA!

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