28 May 2015

The Lake of  Swans

13529026_11nOn May 30th  at 8 p.m.,  HSBC Arena, Rio de Janeiro is scheduled to present a magnificent  spectacle from Russia.

The stars of the  Russian State Ballet will perform the lake of Swans in full format, with a stage in dimensions never seen  before outside Russia, special lighting and set design in 3D.

For the first time, Latin America will receive the show Lake of  Swans in its full format. Under the direction of choreographer and director Viacheslav Gordeev, the star of the Moscow Bolshoi, are 40 Russian ballet dancers{EFA31C7E-4865-4E0B-BB06-FBE7AF8D335F}_Russian State Ballet 2.

The Lake of Swans’ show will feature the star of the Kirov-Mariinsky, Anton Korsakov ,the newest Russian talent  and the Kremlin Theatre, Valeria Vasilieva and, of course, a great cast of the best Russian  theaters.

The play tells  the story of Odette, a princess turned into a swan by an evil wizard’s curse.


Eugène Ionesco in Rio

27 May 2015

The Rhino & Ionesco Suite

From May 29th up to 31st,  the space Cidade das Artes at Barra is hosting two plays from Eugène Ionesco, the master of the  Absurd Theatre.960x495_fe3ef498df1cca7f95a5ba5b4a8800cb

Théâtre de la Ville de Paris is  bringing to Brazil for the first time Eugène Ionesco’s  works – The Rhino and Ionesco Suite – both have the signature of the director Emmanuel Demarcy-Mota, since 2008 ahead of the Parisian stage one of the most respected in the world.

rinoceronte2The Rhino, was written in 1959. The work is a critique to the state of alienation and collective fanaticism that modern societies fell. It is focused on the uniformity of bourgeois society, submission to power and the distortion of reason.

The piece shows the transformation of the inhabitants of a city that find themselves victims of “rinoceronite” the disease that turns humans into wild beasts.

The spectacles take place in the following dates:
Rhino – May 29th, 30th and 31st
Ionesco Suite – May 30th and 31st




Pearl Jam in Rio de Janeiro

21 May 2015

The Pearl Jam 2015 Latin America Tour

pearl-jam-latin-america-2015-tour-datesThe most popular American rock & roll band of the ’90s will be singing in Rio de Janeiro on November 22nd at the Maracanã Stadium.  The tour is scheduled to consist of nine shows in Latin America, including venues in Chile, Colombia, Mexico, Brazil and Argentina. This is the first tour following the Lightning Bolt Tour that finished in 2014 and the first shows in Latin American since the band released their 2013 album Lightning Bolt. The tour is scheduled to start on November 4th in Santiago,Chile and finish on November 28th in Mexico City.

Pearl Jam is an American rock band, formed in Seattle, Washington, in 1990. Since its conception, the band’s line-up has comprised Eddie Vadder (lead vocals), Mike McCready (lead guitar), Stone Gossard (rhythm guitar) and Jeff Ament (bass). The band’s fifth member is drummer Matt Cameron (also of Soundgarden), who has been with the band since 1998. Boom Gaspar (piano) has also been a session/touring member with the band since 2002. Drummers Dave Krusen,Matt Chamberlain, Dave Abbruzzese and Jack Irons are former members of the band. download

To date, the band has sold nearly 32 million records in the U.S. and an estimated 60 million worldwide. Pearl Jam has outlasted and outsold many of its contemporaries from the alternative rock breakthrough of the early 1990s, and is considered one of the most influential bands of that decade.

Tickets for the show will go on sale from May 25th.


Rio de Janeiro is the Subject

13 May 2015

FotoRio 2015

logo-fotorio-2015From today up to July 26th, Centro Cultural Correios is hosting the 8th edition of the  exposition FotoRio 2015 whose subject is Rio de Janeiro.

Photographers will explore the city in two ways, as content and theme of the exhibition and how they make their reading of Rio.

Will be six unreleased exhibitions, videos and discussions with Rio as its central theme.2009-06

The exhibition will feature works of photographers Alécio de Andrade, Ana Carolina Fernandes, Ana Rodrigues, Maria Buzanovsky and Zeca Linhares besides to a collective sample  of  pictures from people who responded to a public call.

The exposition is open from Tuesday through Sundays from 12pm to 7 pm.


11 May 2015

The wonders of our body

exposicao_corpo_humano_human_bodies_maravilhas_do___00367f7333Until May 30 the Plaza Shopping in Niteroi is offering the exhibition Human Bodies – Wonders of the Body, which has toured several countries.

Visitors will see nine real bodies and over a hundred types of human organs treated by the world-famous technique of plastination, which promotes conservation thereto with permanent texture and color.

The plastination is a method created by the  German doctor Gunther Von Hagens, held since 1970, in which the specimen is dissected and immersed in acetone to extract all body fluids. It is then placed in a silicone polymer bath and goes to a vacuum chamber, which replaces the acetone by the polymer to the deepest cellular level. After hardening, the substance leaves the body in a state of permanent preservation, with infinite duration.20120927122030923145u

The plastination process of a whole body  take more than a year, while a small organ takes a week. Only in 2007 the results of this technique became available to the public.

The exhibition is a three-dimensional dive into our bodies – skin and bones, from head to toe – all in order to help people make more informed decisions about health care and lifestyle.The goal is to help you understand the disease, the damage and injury caused to organs by health problems like obesity, arthritis, breast cancer and smoking in a different way, practical and objective.

images The Human Bodies Exhibition – Wonders of the Human Body happens every day of 2 pm up to 9 pm in the Plaza Shopping – Niterói

Uma prece para todas as Mães do mundo / A prayer for all mothers of the world

8 May 2015

“Mamãe”, a palavra mais doce/ “Mommy”, the sweetest word



Obrigado Senhor, pela mãe que você me deu  e por todas as Mães do mundo.

Thank you Lord, for the mother you gave me and for all the mothers of the world.

Mães brancas , de pele alvinha. Pelas pardas , morenas ou bem pretinhas.

Caucasian mothers with porcelain skin.Orientals, brown or very black ones.

Pelas ricas e pelas pobrezinhas.

For the rich and the very poor.


Pelas mães – titias , pelas mães – vovós , pelas madrastas – mães , pelas professoras – mães.

For mothers – aunties, for – grandmas – mothers, stepmothers – mothers, teachers – mothers.

Pela mãe que embala ao colo o filho que não é seu.

For the mother who cradle in her arms the child that is not hers.

Pela saudade querida da mãe que já partiu.

For the dear nostalgia for the mother who already left.

images (2)

Pelo amor latente em todas as mulheres, que desperta ao sentir desabrochar em si uma nova vida.

For the  latent love in all women who awakens to feel unfolding in herself a new life.

Pelo amor, maravilhoso amor que une mães e filhos.

For the  love, wonderful love that unites mothers and children.

Eu lhe agradeço, Senhor! Obrigada por essa Maravilha!

I thank you, Lord! Thank you for this wonder!

images (1)

Nossa homenagem a todas as Mães do mundo!!!!

Our tribute to all mothers in the world!!!!




The Sounds of Rio



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