Thiago Soares – The Brazilian Talent

30 June 2015


soaresThiago Soares, the Brazilian talent is back to Brazil to celebrate his 15 year career, at a gala evening with big stars.

He broke barriers, to win the coveted rank of principal dancer of the Royal Ballet of London and will perform with the ” Paixão” show at the Municipal Theater of Rio de Janeiro on July  9th and 10th at 8:00 pm with a program that marks the world premiere choreographer Alessio Carbone, principal dancer of the Paris Opera.

The show will have the special participation of dancers Marianela Núñez, prima ballerina of the Royal ballet, choreographer Deborah Colker and the ballet dancers of Companhia Brasileira de ballet.

Let’s honor our talent!



Do you know Rio de Janeiro had a colonial witch?

29 June 2015

 Barbara dos Prazeres a real history or  an urban legend?

images (2)Bárbara was a real character that lived on the eighteenth century. She was born in Portugal in  1770 and disappeared at the age of 60th.

She came to Rio de Janeiro with her husband at the age of 18th. . She was a very beautiful and attractive lady. After her arrival, she fall in love with a mulato guy and to be free to assume this relationship, she decided to kill her husband. Soon she found out that this guy only wanted to explore her. He consumed most of her properties and afraid to become poor, during a marital discussion, Barbara also killed the guy.

With two deaths on her profile and without possibility to survive on her own, the only thing left to the 20 years old lady was to become a prostitute. She decided to make her leaving at Arco dos Telles, a place with very bad reputation at that time.Arco1

Due to her beauty, during 20 years, she raised a vast  clientele among the people of high society and nobility who came from afar to meet her. For some time, Barbara dos Prazeres, had a good living conditions but she always got involved with types that exploited her and she ended up losing everything.

Over time, Barbara grew old and life began to charge its hard price. Her hairs were graying, her teeth rotted, her bones ached and she contracted syphilis. Her charm started to fade putting her away from her customers.

Desperate, Barbara went to a black magic house in search of a potion to relieve her pain and to become young and beautiful again.  Against all her fortune and soul she found a wizard who taught her a formula that would give her the desired effect. The recipe demanded human blood still hot, even better if it was from children.

Barbara went on to abduct poor boys and girls, children of slaves and beggars. She always walked on  the streets looking  for children alone to take to her house. There she cut their  throats and collected their blood still warm to make the potion.

It is not known how many child she sacrificed to make her rejuvenation ritual but madness made her believe that the ritual was working. The carioca population was in fear while children disappeared without a trace and appeared dead and beheaded in deserted places afterwards. Children were locked at home by their mothers and were not allowed to come out alone.

imagesThings became difficult to Barbara’s action but she still needed the little victims’ blood. So, she started to lay in wait by the side of the wheel of foundlings at the Holy House of Mercy, where innocent rejected babies were abandoned by their mothers for the care of the nuns.

No one knows for sure how it was discovered Barbara authored the crimes, but the witch has become the most popular woman in the city but was never arrested. It was reported she lived until 1830 when  a woman’s body appeared floating in a lake near the Imperial Palace with unrecognizable features. People  said it was Barbara dos Prazeres, but no one could say for sure because there were no appropriated  tests at the time.

Some people suspect that Barbara dos Prazeres is still alive, thanks to the secret of rejuvenation formula that has not only give her youth, but immortality because  even today,  in certain moonless early morning  when Arco dos Telles is totally empty, the laughter of Barbara dos Prazeres can be heard  echoing  frighteningly   in the empty and dark alley .12387968_2232e8000a

Despite the legend, the fact is that the disappearance of children and the name of Barbara dos Prazeres are recorded on the books of the  Intendencia  Geral de Polícia dated 1809 and the famous expressions, “Take care because  the witch is loose!” and “look out because the Jaguar is loose!”  were created and inspired by Barbara’s figure.

The Black Light Theater in Rio

20 June 2015

eVolution Dance Theater

download (2)The Italian Company  eVolution Dance Theater was founded in 2008 and is dedicated to creating shows based on the fusion of athletics visionary and fascinating images.

The company’s big strength lies in the knowledge of an artistic vocabulary that is not limited to dance only but extends to other  forms of art such as video art, illusionism and the surprising use of black light that accompanies the performance of the dancers in the stage.310firefly

The American choreographer and artistic director, Anthony Heinl  likes to experiment new materials and combine elements that give the scene the so-called “Hollywood effect.”

The magic of his shows comes from a new, more modern and television idea, the black light theater. It proposes a combination of professionalism and entertainment that can delight and fascinate.

9267_d_iphoneOn July 23rd at 08:00 pm, the Municipal Theater of Rio de Janeiro will present the spectacle ” Firefly”. The choreography consists of mysterious figures that seem to float, jump and disappear amid the lights, colors and dark. The cast includes dancers and acrobats, innovative technical effects that generate visions of beauty and humor to the public.

Do you like Folk Rock?

16 June 2015

America in Rio 

download (1)America Rock Band will be in Rio and will perform on June 19th – 10pm at City Bank Hall in Barra da Tijuca.

They were very popular  in the 1970s and have a string of hit albums and singles such as “A Horse with no  Name”, “I Need You”, “Lonely People”, “America’s Greatest Hits”, “You Can do Magic” and  many others success  very know to many of us.

On their four decades of career, the group continues to record material and tour with regularity. America has been inducted into the Vocal Group Hall of Fame and  has received a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame.

Samsung Blues Festival 2015

13 June 2015

Ben Harper in a Solo Performance

download (2)The Samsung Blues Festival will be held in Sao Paulo and Rio de Janeiro from June 17th to 21st with concerts of the international  artists Ben Harper, George Benson, Jimmie Vaughan, Charlie Musselwhite and Quinn Sullivan and the  talented national team Tiffany Harp, Ari Borger, Flávio Guimarães and Nuno Mindelis.

The festival will take place in São Paulo at HSBC Brazil from June 17th up to (3)

In Rio de Janeiro  the Festival will take place at Teatro Vivo Rio on  June 21st  at 8:30 pm with the following line-up: Flavio Guimaraes, Charlie Musselwhite and  Ben Harper (solo acoustic).

Are you a fan of Horses race?

11 June 2015

Brazil GP 2015 -The Biggest Celebration  of the Brazilian Turf 

logo-gp-brasilThe Great Brazil Award will  be held on June 21st and is the most important competition of the Brazilian turf calendar. The Competition is held at the Gavea Hippodrome  in a grass runway  of  2400 meters, with animals of 3 years and older, classified as Group I of Brazil.

In addition to the traditional  races with the best horses of the Brazilian turf, other attractions round out the entertainment. The Social Tribune will house the Veuve Clicquot  VIP area, an official hatter, a free Dermage make up  stand for the making off of  crazy photos and the election of the  most elegant couple.

The A Tribune will host a playground for children and food court. The B Tribune  will hold, the Recreates Workshop – Children’s Creative Core of Deborah Colker  Movement Center  and the C Tribune  will hold the  Feast Village.

Free admission every day for the GP Brazil Festival. Come with your family!

June 21 – Social Tribune – social attire  (jacket and tie)  and  other  tribunes  – sport attire.

Tribute to Rio de Janeiro – 450 years

10 June 2015

MPB and JAZZ music – “Rio Sinfônico”

11406729_963733303682064_5352099434265889021_nThe MPB & JAZZ 2015 – “Rio Sinfônico” is an orchestral  concert that will be held at the Municipal Theater of Rio de Janeiro, on June 13th at 08 pm, with Jards Macalé, Moyseis Marques Silva and Robertinho Marcos Suzano, as special  guest soloists.

The script of this show is a sentimental journey through the city of Rio de Janeiro visiting  its music through a space look, seen from above. It is a mixture of  the musical history and geography of Rio.

Rio as one of the strongest pillars of the Brazilian music, created rhythms and movements, mixed influences that reverberated in the world as one of the most original tracks and respected in the world.

The show, which has the participation of Petrobras Symphonic  Orchestra also celebrates the longevity of one of the most important music projects in Brazil, approaching every year the popular to the symphonic, calling the attention of a new audience.

A Time to Remember

9 June 2015

The Platters in Rio

plattersThe Platters, formed in Los Angeles in 1952 was one of the most successful vocal groups of the early rock & roll era. Their distinctive sound was a bridge between the pre-rock tradition and the burgeoning new genre. The group went through several personnel changes, with the most successful incarnation comprising lead tenor Tony Williams, David Lynch, Paul Robi, Herb Reed, and Zola Taylor. The group had 40 charting singles on the Billboard Hot 100 chart between 1955 and 1967, including four no. 1 (1)

Among many of their successful songs we still can remember Only You and  Great Pretender (1973) , Smoke Gets in Your Eyes (1959).

To make us remember the past, the group will perform at Rio de Janeiro  on June 11th – 9 pm  at the Vivo Rio hall.


The Best of the French Film

8 June 2015

Varilux festival of French film in 2015

11218217_872507549463584_5020509533852611471_nThe 6th edition of the French Cinema Festival will take place from 10th to 17th of June  2015 in different cities of  Brazil and is bringing the  Cannes opening film  “De cabeça erguida” and the new long by Omar Sy,” Samba “.

The festival is a tradition in the cultural calendar of the country and this year have everything to repeat the success of  the previous years.

Check out the list of 16 films that will be shown in the festival:

‘Asterix – O Domínio dos Deuses’ (Asterix – Le Domaine des Dieux), de Louis Clichy e Alexandre Astier

‘Beijei uma Garota’ (Toute Première Fois) de Maxime Govare e Noémie Saglio

‘Gemma Bovery – A Vida Imita a Arte’ (Gemma Bovery), de Anne Fontaine

‘Hipócrates’ (Hippocrate), de Thomas Lilti

‘De Cabeça Erguida’ (La Tête haute), de Emmanuelle Bercot

‘Na Próxima, Acerto no Coração’ (La Prochaine Fois Je Viserai Le Coeur), de Cédric Anger

‘O Diário de uma Camareira’ (Journal d’une Femme de Chambre), de Benoît Jacquot

‘O Homem do Rio’ (L’homme de Rio), de Philippe de Broca

‘O Preço da Fama’ (La Rançon de La Gloire), de Xavier Beauvois

‘O Que as Mulheres Querem’ (Sous Les jupes des Filles), de Audrey Dana

‘Os Olhos Amarelos dos Crocodilos’ (Les Yeux Jaunes Des Crocodiles), de Cécile Telerman

‘Papa ou Maman’, de Martin Bourboulon

‘Que Mal Eu Fiz a Deus?’ (Qu’est Ce Qu’on A Fait Au Bon Dieu?), de Philippe de Chauveron

‘Samba’, de Eric Toledano e Olivier Nakache

‘Sexo, Amor e Terapia’ (Tu veux ou tu veux pas), de Tonie Marshall

‘Sobre Amigos, Amor e Vinho’ (Barbecue), de Éric Lavaine

58th World Press Photo Exposition in Rio

7 June 2015

The Best Images of  the World Press Photos

caixaUp to June 21st, Caixa Economica Federal RJ will be showing 365 days of the year with the most striking images produced over the previous year by the world press.

This year the show features 145 winners among 97,912 competitors and is a visual account of  the most important happenings of  the planet. Politics, economy, sports, culture and environment are among the topics portrayed by the 41 winners of 17 different nationalities.01_mads_nissen

The images are self-explanatory and without subtitles.

Caixa Cultural is located at Av. Almirante Barroso 25 – Centro – Rio de Janeiro and   visiting hours are:

Monday: CLOSED

Tuesday – Saturday: 10 am – 10 pm

Sunday: 10 am – 09 pm

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