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31 July 2015

Cecil, the beautiful  lion 

images (1)This week the world was horrified by the news of the cruel and cowardly hunt to  Cecil, the lion.

Cecil was a beautiful example of the specie and symbol of Zimbabwe. Friendly, attracted thousands of tourists interested to meet him.

For being so beautiful, also attracted the attention of the  American dentist Walter James Palmer whose hobby is the hunting of wild animals for fun and pleasure. He has hunted and killed 43 animals of different species to collect their heads as a macabre trophy of his cowardice.

Walter Palmer paid the  ridiculous amount of 55.000,00 euros to kill Cecil. He was wounded and persecuted for over 40 hours in a petty demonstration of human savagery and insanity.images (2)

The world can not accept that in the 21st century, where global efforts are being made to save and preserve all and any animal species for future generations, a so coward and  poor of spirit person, irresponsibly kill just for fun and pleasure.

Zimbabwe is inconsolable with the  irreparable loss of Cecil  and Walter James Palmer became a wanted person there.

The government of Zimbabwe is looking for punishment and the world is in full agreement because we all know that more losses may happen unless Zimbabwe government  take an initiative to separate Cecil’s cubs from their mothers or all of them  will be killed by the next alpha male that assume the female band.

In times of global preservation of the environmental and all species, the dentist Walter James Palmer must be punished with the appropriate legal rigors in order to became  an example for other practitioners of wildlife hunting.

10509513_814064198701875_2780450389379809500_nWe are against the mistreatment of any animal in the world!

A Bucolic Ride on the Blue Train

23 July 2015

The “Miguelina” is coming

11425071_1004777489541469_3651972999280064698_nDid you know that on the  80’s and 90’s, the Blue Train marked generations of visitors to Miguel Pereira and inspired the music of Lô Borges and Ronaldo Bastos?

Well, the municipality of Miguel Pereira decided to reactivate the Blue Train. In the past, the old ride  left  the central  railway station of Miguel Pereira and followed up to  Conrado. Now, the  “Miguelina”, as will be called, will go 4.5 kms from the central station  up to Governador Portela but the intention is to extend the route for  another 10 km to Vera Cruz passing the famous iron  bridge of Paulo de Frontin.Folheto Trem Azul_Página_1

The former composition has been taken to Minas Gerais for renovations and will have the capacity to carry 76 people seated per journey in the path Central  Station Miguel Pereira to Portela and Javary.

The inauguration of the train ride and the  recovery of the Museu do Trem , located in the central station, is planned for October on the occasion of 60th anniversary of the city.

If you want to know the Miguelina, just take a ride to Miguel Pereira  because it is already  under  display at the downtown station.

Start spreading the news … to Sinatra’s lovers

15 July 2015

Frank Sinatra Centennial Gala World Tour

download (2)The big star of American music, Frank Sinatra, who died in 1998, would be 100 years old  this year.

To celebrate this great occasion, on August 10th  and 11th,  the Municipal Theater of Rio de Janeiro will be hosting the show “Salute to Sinatra” with the singer Louis Hoover recognized as one of the most important interpreters of  the sacred  Sinatra’s repertoire with the reproduction of numerous details of his style. Louis Hoover  will be accompanied by the Hollywood Orchestra, which recreates the great arrangements o f the compositions recorded by Sinatra.

For those who do not know Louis Hoover, he grew up in Willesden in North London. As a kid he spent much time hanging around backstage and TV studios watching his older sister perform. At the age of fifteen, he stumbled upon a Sinatra record and when the needle touched vinyl his fate was sealed – swing music was to be his (3)

Louis had the incredible talent of hearing Frank’s timing before he actually sang the words and Louis realised that not only was swing in his blood, but his voice was beginning to sound more and more like that of Frank Sinatra  and he knew that one day he  would be standing on a stage singing the same kind of music.

Louis went to stage school planning on a career as a stand-up comedian. His friends and family had always commented on his sense of humour and his natural ability to make people laugh. Several TV roles followed. But music was his first love and  he joined the pop group “Wall Street Crash” . The results were 11 hit albums in Europe, a number one hit in the US and numerous awards. But Louis kept going back to sing at swing and jazz venues as this was where he felt most comfortable.

Louis’ childhood premonition started to take shape when he put together his own solo show “Salute to Sinatra” and began to tour the U.K. and Ireland. News spread quickly that this wasn’t just another Sinatra impersonator but a gifted artist with a remarkably laid-back personality, sharp humour, high musical artistry, perfect timing and very special vocals. Soon Louis sold out the most famous concert venues like the Royal Albert Hall and the London Palladium. He teamed up with Nelson Riddle’s orchestra and with Frank Sinatra’s original musicians.

After Sinatra’s death musical producers asked the British swing sensation to put together a show on Frank Sinatra. In 1999, Louis Hoover opened in the cult musical ‘The Rat Pack’ which played to packed houses at London’s West End for three and a half years. Starring in the lead role of Frank Sinatra, Louis travelled Europe and the USA with the touring version for several years.

Louis Hoover has been labelled the “Sinatra of the New Millennium”, but Louis always makes sure he is not just a copy of Sinatra by doing lots of other things in his own right. He performs alongside the world’s greatest jazz legends at international jazz festivals in Europe, Japan and the US and writes his own songs – swing with a modern attitude. His mission is to preserve the legacy of Sinatra by taking it a step further. Therefore, his Grammy nominated album “And This Is Me…” combines a contemporary feel with a unique sound, set off by the expertise of Frank Sinatra’s original orchestra.

A Visionary Violinist

12 July 2015

David Garrett 

live_headerpic_smA world-class violinist with  high quality standards that allow him to sound out the limits.

He won his first violin at the age of  four  but was with age of ten that he made his first appearance with the Hamburg Philharmonics. He received his first Stradivarius violin at the age of 11, as a courtesy of  Richard von Weizsäcke, the German President,  after having performed for him.

He studied  in many important  places such as Lübeck Conservatoire, Royal College of  Music, Julliard School  and  attended the Keshet Eilon Masterclasses in Israel. He worked and studied  with distinguished violinist such as Ida Haendel  and Itzhak Perlaman and Zubin Mehta among many  others.images

In Fall 2007 the recording artist made his appearance in Germany with the release of his crossover album Virtuoso and he has been redefining standards in the classic and crossover scene step by step ever since.  After all, at age of 35 he already looks back on a matchless career.

David Garrett and his South America Tour  will be performing in Rio de Janeiro on July 28th, 2015 at the stage of  Vivo Rio.


9 July 2015

20 Historic Photos in Exposition
download (1)Arrived in rio de janeiro a rare footage of the natural attributes of  our sparsely populated city. The pictures are on exhibition at CCBB – Centro Cultural Banco doBrasil until September 21st.

The historical photos are part of the show “The First Colors of Rio de Janeiro  – Autochromes Collection  from the la Planète archives”  that it is part of the  acquis of the Musèe Albert Khan of Paris.

The autochromes were produced in 1909 by the Lumière brothers and  was the first color photographic method commercially viable until the creation of Kodachrome in the 1930s.

This exhibition is part of the official calendar of FotoRio 2015 and celebrates the 450th anniversary of the Rio de Janeiro.
The exhibition takes place  at CCBB from Wednesday to Monday from 9:00 am to 9;00 pm and is free of charge.



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