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28 August 2015

2Cellos in Rio de Janeiro

Jx54dhn2On October 3rd , the Municipal Theatre of Rio de Janeiro will be receiving on its stage the  trendy dual  2Cellos to showcase their work that defies labels and mix  different  musical styles in a creative and engaging way.

2Cellos is a Croatian cello duo, consisting of classically trained Luka Sulic and Stjepan Hauser. They play mainly instrumental arrangements of well-known pop and rock songs. The duo have performed internationally and featured in the TV series Glee.

Their playing style broke the boundaries between different genres of music, from classical and film for pop and rock. 2Cellos have no limits at concerts, in which also impress when they play Bach and Vivaldi or AC / DC and Iron Maiden.

The 2Cellos gained fame in 2011, when the hit version of Michael Jackson’s “Smooth Criminal” has taken the world by storm. The video on YouTube has become a huge viral hit (over 25 million views).images

Such repercussions generated a contract with Sony Music Masterworks label and an invitation to join Sir Elton John on their world tour.

They released three successful albums: 2Cellos (2011), In2ition (2013) and the recent Celloverse (2015).

Swiss Ballet in Rio

23 August 2015

Ballet Du Grand Théâtre De Genève

images (2)The Municipal Theatre of Rio de Janeiro will receive on its stage on Sept 19th and 20th  the Swiss company that is making its world premiere.

The Ballet du Grand Théâtre de Genève was founded in 1962 with headquarters as a theater that, from the early twentieth century, has received in his stage large companies and renowned dancers such as Isadora Duncan and Nijinsky. It was directed by Janine Charrat, Serge Golovine, Patricia Neary, Peter Dych, Oscar Araiz, Gradimir Pankov, François Passard and Giorgio Mancini, George Balanchine and currently Philippe Cohen.

Since its birth, explores the diversity of dance working with choreographers like George Balanchine, Rudolf Noureiev, Jirí Kylián, Ohad Naharin, William Forsythe, Lucinda Childs.

Today the cast of the Grand Ballet is made up of 26 dancers of various nationalities, classically trained and keeps in his repertoire neoclassical and contemporary choreography.images

In the program, two important choreography. Lux, by  Ken Ossola and Glory by Andonis Foniadakis two requested European choreographers, who have in their curriculum work in companies such as Netherlands Dans Theater, Cedar Lake Contemporary Ballet and Martha Graham Dance Company.

The two choreographies, propose to  raise the spiritual and deeply human side of music and dance.

“Lux” has a hypnotic power, where shadows are carved by bodies rich in beauty and movement, packed the dreamlike music of Fauré. The scenery and costumes enrich the scene and give a sideshow.

“Glory” embodies more mysterious rings. The Foniadakis choreography is accompanied by music from the Baroque master Handel, which requires great dynamism and precision of the dancers. A whirlwind of sensations is born out of the movements that sometimes  is minimalist  and sometimes explosive.

Great Rock Band in Rio

18 August 2015

Simply Red in Brazil

imagesIf you are a fan of Simply Red, get ready for March 2016. The band under the leadership of Mick Hucknall is arriving in Rio  to celebrate the return of the band.

The connection and the affection of simply red towards Brazil, comes not only from various shows that was done here but also because in 1988 the Gaucho  guitarist Heitor Pereira or Heitor TP, joined the group where he played until 1996 .

The band is known for their big success such as “Holding Back the Years”, “Stars”, “For Your Babies” and “Come to My Aid”.download (1)

But their burst in the music business was with the album “Picture Book” in 1985. Three years later they  came to Brazil for the first time as one of the attractions of the former Hollywood Rock festival.

This year, they released the album “Big Love” to celebrate the return of the group and Mick Hucknall’s  30th year career. Do not miss this show!

Finally Good News!!

16 August 2015

Hotel Paineiras in Rio de Janeiro

H-Paineiras-2The work on the hotel  Paineiras will be resumed after two years stopped.

The history of Hotel das Paineiras begins when Pedro II granted the area for two engineers to  build the railroad and the  hotel.

Hotel Paineiras along with the Corcovado Railroad, were inaugurated on October 9th, 1884 and was attended by Emperor Pedro II and many guests that were received with  a luxurious coffee  prepared by the famous carioca confectionery Casa Paschoal.

The architectural refinement was present in every detail, not only ornamental but also on the project. The top of the hotel was at Paineiras road level where we could see a mini station with hydraulic tile platform, columns and the entire structure in iron, typical of the eclectic architecture of the early 20th century.47342874

Hotel das Paineiras had its glorious days and hosted distinguished people in their rooms such as  the presidents Washington Luís,  Getúlio Vargas and Café Filho, Queen Elizabeth II, Sarah Bernhardt and  also served as a concentration space for the Brazilian national football team and for the teams of Botafogo, Fluminense and Vasco in its golden days.

The original building  had 10 rooms on the lower floor and 11 on the top, over the years has undergone several renovations and came to have 36 apartments that were demolished in the early ’70s to make way for the parking expansion.

imagesAfter 31 years closed, the space will undergo renovations up from from the Hotel. The new space will become the Paineiras Visitors Center. The works begin in September and should be ready before the Olympics

The space will have an area of ​​1082 m2 and will house exhibitions on the history of the Tijuca Park, restaurants, cafes and shops.

For all Fathers around the globe…. August 9th

8 August 2015

Father, Pai, Dad, Papá

Mensagens-bonitas-dia-dos-pais-3Respeito, Carinho, Doação, Cuidado, Diversão, Inspiração….

Neste dia especial, gostaríamos de homenagear  todos os pais que conseguem ser, sinônimo de amor, proteção, força e orientação para seus filhos.

Recebam nosso reconhecimento pela nobre missão que lhes foi confiada .
Feliz Dia dos Pais !!mensagens-para-o-dia-dos-pais (135)

Respect, Caring, Giving, Care, Fun, Inspiration ….

On this special day we would like to pay tribute to all fathers who can be synonymous  of love, protection, strength and guidance to their children.

Receive our gratitude for the noble mission entrusted to you.

Happy Father’s Day !!

M/V TITANIC will be back to the seas

2 August 2015

50,000 people are interested on its maiden voyage

You read that right. A replica of the Titanic which sank in 1912 will be, once again, crossing the seas very soon.

images (6)The original Titanic was built to be the largest and most modern ocean liner of the 20th century but his first trip was tragically cut short in the early hours of April 15th, 1912 when the ship crashed into an iceberg and sank killing 1495 passengers from the 2200 onboard .

The Titanic 2 will return to the seas between July and September 2016, 104 years after the tragic fate of its first trip.

The new Titanic is ready to receive 2400 passengers onboard and its route will be the same as the previous ship. From Southampton in England to New York in the United States.

The new Titanic  has similar characteristics  to the original one.  270 meters lenght, 53 meters high, 45 meters width and 40,000 tons of deadweight.

This time the security is the main focus and countless tests are being made to ensure the seaworthiness of the ship. To meet the nautical laws, the lifeboats are super modern and will cater to all passengers and crew.

The ship is being built in China and was designed to be an almost exact replica of the original one. It will have a luxury service aboard . The stairs on the main deck will be a copy of the one built 100 years ago and  the glamor will mark the first-class cabins whose decoration is inspired by the Louis XVI and Renaissance times  with modern touch as air conditioning and internet.images (4)

The third class cabins are more modest and will have the furniture like those used in 1916 but the restrictions among the passengers will be not as severe.

Another highlight of the new ship, will be a replica, only for visitation, of the Marconi room where was the communication sector on the previous Titanic whose equipment became obsolete for today.

Let’s wait for the new Titanic 2!

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