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23 September 2015

“My eyes, my protest, was the picture” (Evandro Teixeira)

evandroteixeira1The photojournalist Evandro Teixeira was born in Bahia in the city of  Santa Ines in 1935. He  began his journalistic career in 1958 at The Daily News, in Salvador. In 1963, already in Rio de Janeiro, he joined the Jornal do Brazil where he worked for 47 years and became a mythical figure of the national photojournalism. He is an extremely versatile professional who excelled in various fields of media coverage, in addition to being the author of several books like Photojournalism (1983); Canudos 100 anos (1997); and 68 destinos: March of 100,000 (2008), about members of the celebrated protest demonstration of the military dictatorship.evandroteixeira2

The most striking period of his career was 1960-1970, when he highlighted the ability to be in the right place and in the face of decisive events, with a wry, mocking and dramatic look by recording the resistance and struggle against the military dictatorship.

Evandro Teixeira’s work has been internationally recognized through numerous awards, including the UNESCO Prize for Photojournalism and international exhibitions in Paris and Tokyo. The whole work of Evandro Teixeira became a source, yet very little explored and discussed, for the imaginary construction of the military-civilian regime of  1964.

The Mar- Rio Art Museum is presenting until January 31, 2016 the exhibition Evandro Teixeira: The Constitution of the World, which brings together more than 150 works dedicated to his 60 years of work as a  journalist.

The Jewel of Guanabara Bay

17 September 2015

The Fiscal Island

Ilha-FiscalThe Castle at Fiscal Island was built during the reign of Dom Pedro II in the nineteenth century to be a customs office and control the entry and exit of goods being imported and exported through the port of Rio de Janeiro. The position was quite comfortable for inspectors from Customs, due to the proximity of points of anchorage where the transfer of goods was done by small boats without major difficulties.

The decision of the building, as well as its architectural style, were decided by  the Emperor D. Pedro II, taking into account not conflict with the landscape of the Serra do Mar. At the time, the Emperor was quoted as saying: “The island is a delicate case, worthy of a brilliant gem “.

So, it was chosen a small “château” in Gothic-Provencal style, which stood out the needles and the medieval battlements that adorn the silhouette of the castle.00_EA

Fiscal Island is an island located within Guanabara Bay, bordering the historic city center of Rio de Janeiro. The island was originally named by the Europeans as the Ilha dos Ratos (Rat Island) and became famous for having housed the famous Ball on Fiscal Island, the last big party of the Empire before the Republic’s proclamation in November 1889. It now houses a museum of cultural history that  is maintained by the Brazilian Navy.

The Island was closed for recovering and will be reopening  for visitation and boat tours in Guanabara Bay as of September 20th, only on Saturdays and Sundays. The sale of tickets will be at the Naval Museum located at Rua Dom Manuel, 15, Praça XV, Centro – Rio de Janeiro – RJ.

Tickets prices are: R $ 20.00 (full ticket) and R $ 10.00 (half ticket ) at the following times:

Visit to the Fiscal Island – Buses leaves  the Naval Museum  at 12.30pm, 02:00 pm and 03:40 pm. Capacity: 60 places / tour;

Boat tour in Guanabara Bay –  Boat leaves from the Marine Cultural Center located at the Naval Museum at 01:15pm and 03:15pm. Capacity: 70 seats / ride.

Everything is magic in Rio

8 September 2015

Luis de Matos the international illusionist

download (2)The magic of Luis de Matos arrives for the very 1st time in Brazil.

He is a Portuguese magician that began making guest appearances on television in 1990 and two years later hosted his own television series entitled “Isto é Magia!” (“This is Magic”). This was followed by several other magic successful TV shows including “Noite Mágica”, “Ilusões com Luis de Matos”, “Luis de Matos Ao Vivo”, “Shalakabula” and “Mistérios”.

Luis de Matos has made appearances and started as a regular in TV shows worldwide like “Shalakabula” in Spain but throughout his international career, he performed on stages like the Sydney Opera House in Australia, Caeser’s Palace in Las Vegas, the London Paladium in England, the National Auditorium in Mexico and The Civic in New Zealand and hundreds of other mythical spaces who surrendered to his magic and wonder of their (1)

Along the years he won several important prizes such as the “Magician of the year” (Hollywood Academy of Magical Arts − 1999),  the “Mandrake D’or” (French Society of Magicians − 2000), the”Special Fellowship Award”(Hollywood Academy of Magical Arts − 2013),”The David Devant Award” ( The Magic Circle – October 2013) and the Magic Golden Grolla (Il grande rivoluzionario della magia”, founded in 1953 – in 2013) .

Luis de Matos will be performing his show “Magico”on the stage of Teatro Bradesco located at Barra da Tijuca, Rio de Janeiro from October 8th up to October 12th


A new inter-galactic phenomenal in Rio de Janeiro

4 September 2015

The Voca People and their amazing vocal sounds

vp1The group is an Israel-based ensemble performing vocal theater combining acappella and beat box vocals to reproduce the sounds of an entire orchestra.

They consist of three females (contralto, mezzo soprano) and three males (bass, baritone and tenor) and two specialized specimens in beat-box, which faithfully reproduce  drums, guitar, bass and trombone sounds. The repertoire is a journey through musical themes ranging from rock, through love songs, movie themes and even to the best of classical music. And all without using a single instrument, only the voice features.

They have performed in many countries such as  Spain, New York, Hungary, Italy, France, England, Israel and many other places. They incorporate the public into their songs and change or add bits depending on which country they are in .voca-people

The Voca People sometimes mingle with crowds, singing, improvising and playing with passers-by. The performers are dressed completely in white with red lips and they claim to come from the Planet Voca (somewhere behind the sun) where all communication is based on music and vocal expressions. They float around in space in their ship, which is powered by nothing more than music, and arrived on Earth which has a great repertoire of music. Their motto is: “Life is music and music is life.”

This new phenomenon of musical comedy will be on the stage of Teatro Bradesco Rio at Barra da Tijuca on September 18th and 19th at 9:00 pm.


The Sounds of Rio



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