When the stage turns into the Olympus with “Play”

19 July 2016

Kataklò Athletic Dance Theater

imagesThis acclaimed  company was born in Italy in 1995 and was created by Giulia Staccioli, choreographer and artistic director. Giulia says  Kataklò shows a new form of artistic expression, with the happy marriage between dance and sport, between choreography and athletic perfection of her artists.

Taking advantage of the olympic moment, Oi Casa Grande Theater will be receiving on its  stage on July 25th and 26th – 08:30 pm  the spectacle “Play” that unites dance and  various sports.

With very common scenic artifacts to sports such as bars, rings, bicycles, balls, beams and tennis rackets, dancers and athletes promise a playful world, but with rigor, technique and precision.

“Play” brings the beauty of sports movements, free from the competition pressure, they are harmonized with the dance, with an athletic elegance and an acrobatic enchantment.play

They are stories of sports that become art: from football to athletics, skiing to cycling, boxing to tennis … the gym to the stage, in a mix of poetry and irony – hallmark of the group.

Music, lighting and choreography are very strong elements in the aesthetics of Kataklò, but what stands out is the  undeniably athletic perfection of the dancers / athletes

Are they athletes or dancers?

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