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(Luiz Caversan – Folha de São Paulo)

287ampliRedundant to be here saying beautiful speeches about  the  beaches,  the sea,  the pure air,  the blue sky,  the magnificent mirror of the  Rodrigo de Freitas Lagoon, the Christ up there taking care of everything,  the Sugarloaf Mountain, imposing and always presently, saying, yes, it is right here that the beauty of Brazil lives.
Would really like to say how  good is to spend a long holiday in Rio. Do you know why? The most incredible fact is because, a great part of the “Cariocas” get out of  the city and leave all that beauty to the ones that arrive disposed to enjoy  one of the biggest whims of the Creator.
If you are coming to Rio for  vacation, or if  will be there for at least  a weekend, do not be astonished with  so much beauty. Be planned only and follow these ten hints:

1. Walk by the avenue at seaside on a weekend or a holiday. From Leblon to the end of Copacabana, it is a great, harmonious, delicious coming and going of people of all type, who uses the absence of traffic (the cars are prohibited to circulate in the bank sea in these days), in a “jogging” that became one of the spaces more democratic that I could ever see and enjoy in my life.

2. Go to the beach, any of them, preferably Ipanema/Leblon ,  where you  catch sight of the almost212ampli exciting magnificence of the Two Brothers hill  (get information  on the conditions of the water before entering in the sea; if it will be vetoed for the bath,  doesn’t matter: sunbathe and then get  wet  in one  of the several existent posts of rescue along the border).

3. On Saturday, Sunday or when on vacation, rent a car, contract a taxi (negotiate enough) or plead from a friend and go to the Paineiras. It is a little and  lovely road that goes round the slope of the set Corcovado/Sumaré, where you can see the whole Southern District of the city, inclusive and principally the Rodrigo de Freitas Lagoon and the Botanical Garden, while you walk on foot under the shadow of typical trees of the Atlantic forest. With luck, you will see a monkey-nail or a Capuchin monkey with his cub; butterflies and birdies are of surplus. The car is parked near to the rise of Redeeming Christ while you delight and exercise your coronaries. Oh, go with bathing suit under your Bermuda , because there are at least three delicious water falls  for bathing.

4. If you go to the Botanical Garden, just walk along the avenue of the imperials palms trees and  visit the nursery of bromélias and  will have already guaranteed the well-being for the next whole week. But do not be only in that: walk,  investigate all the wonders of one of the prettiest botanical gardens of the world, creation of Dom João , the 6th, which got  more and more dazzling since then.

5. Go for a walk in the trail that goes round the  Rodrigo de Freitas lagoon. The turn around has 7 km long, but do not need so much. Choose one side, preferably the side of Ipanema, which is of 029ampliwhere you have the best sight of the Tijuca Forest  (where Paineiras , the Christ and  the Botanical Garden is located).

6. If you  will be disposed  to face lines and bunch of people, go to the Sugarloaf Mountain and to Redeeming Christ. When you arrive up there you will think that the effort was worthwhile: it is two of the most exciting views that is possible to have of a metropolis, at least for the one who does not think that  only exist Paris and New York in the world.

7. In one of  the cornes of the square  where the  Sugarloaf cable car leaves, at Praia Vermelha, there is an army  school. Beside this school  begins the trail Cláudio Coutinho where the soldiers of the Army used to run and today is opened to the  public. It is located  in the slope of the Sugarloaf Mountain, between the gigantic rock and the sea. It is amazing and unique.

8.  Rio has the best  beach fashion  of the country. It can be found in the most stylish shopping center of the city (São Conrado Fashion Mall, in São Conrado) or in many shops of many existing galleries  in Ipanema and  Leblon. Go for a walk on the Visconde de Pirajá street around  nº 500.  Get in the galleries,  go up to the mezzanines and you will be surprised  with everything you will 134amplifind  which is not seen easily in other cities. In  Leblon, you have to stop by Rio Design Center, which is in the ground level floor of an immense round apart-hotel with  black glasses, there, you will find  very good shops of furniture and objects – national and imported –  and every Sunday there is a market of antiques in the corridors .

9. Find a Carioca friend and ask him  to take you to Lapa. There you find since  the “raves” of the Fudição Progresso ( tecno music  for the  night completely) up to the samba of the Carioca da Gema, passing by an infinity of bars and rhythms, in a scenery that sometimes remembers the colonial Brazil, and in other times  Getúlio Vargas . The modern eras are also  present, and you better, not to go there alone.

10. This small roll of hints does not bring any address just for  you to exercise one of the things 256ampli the “Cariocas” like to do most: to talk. So, when you decide to go to some of the mentioned places, just ask. In the hotel, on the streets, on the beach,on the kiosk of fresh coconut, on the bar at the corner, or to a passer-by. In general, the people adores to give detailed  information . Do not completely  trust  the taxi-drivers, as in any place in the world, but be sure that if there is a  place in which the old brazilian cordiality and hospitality  still survive ,  this place is  Rio de Janeiro.

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