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16 April 2014

Small entrepreneurs must assume all tasks?

Due to a number of reasons, we small entrepreneurs,  believe we have to do everything at once and we ended up taking sobregarga 1all the tasks of  our business and concentrating all responsibilities and decisions in our hands.

Is that good??? What a great mistake!

Despite our constant connection with our smartphones and tablets, we just can  not do everything we want and we feel more and more anxious, more tired and less productive.

We know everything we have to do and where we want to go, but sometimes we do not  get where we wanted because we did not make an strategic  plan of actions.

images (2)To stay calmer and feeling we having done all that had been planned, we need to create habits not to finish exhausted and overworked because we are doing everything simultaneously.

Without holidays and relaxing  moments for  quite a while , I was going into this endless circle . I was feeling sick, exhausted and extremely impatient . One of the doctors I visited told me … “work is a way of life and not a means of death ” …

From this statement , I stopped to think about that and decided I needed to do something for my own  benefit in order not to become ill  and to be able to continue ahead of my business .

I started my changes, organizing my days . Did the more important things of the day, early in the morning for a maximum period of 90 minutes  and  avoiding downloadferiasinterruptions. Settled  time to start and finish because as more  concentrated I keep myself , higher is my productivity. And before moving on to a new task I stop for a few minutes to renew my energies .

I am keeping a discipline of 1 hour at most for my meetings and decided to stop expecting immediate answers at any time of day . This way I  do not succumb to the urgencies. Between a meeting and another, I walk into a cafe and give me time to think strategically on what was said or  get prepared for my  next appointment .

To have a more  healthier and  productive results, I’m planning a vacation. A real one ! Even if it is only for a long weeend to really disconnect from work .

We are not infallible ! We need to do one thing at a time.

Carnaval is Over!!!

6 March 2014

Inchalla Terbah!!!!

2013-12-21 16.48.26Royal Rio Suporte Executivo Ltda is very proud and happy because for the second time in two months we are showing and marking our  presence in the Muslim market.

1st group  of 50 doctors arrived at the beginning  of  December for a visit of 8 days and Royal Rio took care of all the details for their arrival. We organized from transportation, accommodation, restaurants and  shows up to trips to other locations on the state of Rio de Janeiro .

They were accompanied during 24 hours by bilingual professionals trained to assist those special groups with luxury and discretion.

2nd group came for Carnaval and as well as the first one , the 16 doctors plus a child of 5 years old were  received  with all the necessary security the situation required. Amazed with what they saw during Rio’s Carnaval and received while they where in town, they left to Foz do Iguaçu to see our 2014-03-03 16.53.12beautiful falls.

While Royal Rio is waiting for the 3rd group to come, we are going  to our next stop.

Y viva Mexico !!!


Entrepreneurial discipline

19 July 2013

Are you are a disciplined guy?


Read today a very interesting article from Marcos Rezende from the Insistimento Project.

He said that to be successful  in our  business  we have to have a strong discipline . But to reach this strong discipline each one of us have our own timing that can’t take too long to be found otherwise we may fail in our goals.


imagesCA98RD9SAfter this point we have to create new  habits to change old patterns. Of course,   such a change does not happen overnight, you will need a lot of understanding, a lot of repetition and a lot of imagination to convince yourself of what you gradually  want to achieve.

What is the deal  to have good ideas, if we do not know how to put them in practice following the minimum of organization?

You have to remember, discipline leads you to success.

To





100 ideas to set up our own business.

6 July 2013

untitledNo one can  move in a successful straight line without any unexpected failure during  our lives as entrepreneurs. We have to learn that failure should not be seen as purely a bad thing, quite the contrary. Nothing teaches us more than the failure and the only way not to fail, is to never try a new venture.
This is what teaches us the article  from Bruna Martins Fontes on the  Magazine “Pequenas Empresas Grandes Negócios”. She shows us that in 2015 the service sector will take the leadership of the trade and she offer us  100 ideas to set up our own business.
Want to find out what are these ideas?

Continue reading…,,EMI287142-17152,00-IDEIAS+PARA+MONTAR+O+SEU+NEGOCIO.html

Good reading!

Entrepreneurship, a new reality.

4 July 2013

In Brazil, Class C is the one who undertakes the  most

imagesempreendedoresLearned with the magazine “Pequenas Empresas, Grandes Negócios ” that half of Brazilian entrepreneurs are concentrated in Class C.

One study from  Sebrae reveals that  55.2% of entrepreneurs are in this socioeconomic class . This article will show you a little of this new Brazilian statistics  which proves that becoming a small entrepreneur in our country is a factor of pride and social inclusion.

Read some more about this new reality …,,EMI325068-17180,00.html?utm_source=twitterfeed&utm_medium=twitter


Training for success

1 July 2013

Training and training… to make the difference


imagesCAUSN8WTIn today’s competitive world, the entrepreneur needs to be aware that lectures and training aims to develop participants’ ability to perform certain tasks with more ease and safety.




The training program for the employees is of great relevance and training is essential to empower, develop, integrate and encourage people in business.

This is what teaches us the article “How to Invest in Training” on the web  site “Sobre Administração”. Very interesting.


Innovative ideas

30 June 2013

Words that encourage innovative ideas

untitledouvirA major innovation is that which comes from within us, the truths we hide, the unlimited, the unknown … According to Lourenço Bustani from, there are attitudes that can promote innovative ideas.
He says there are four words that can not miss in the daily lives of all entrepreneurs looking for innovation.


viajarThese words are travel, read, hear and feel.
Want to know why?
Check it out….


25 June 2013

Want to be an entrepreneur? Fall in love and work, work, work …

hardworkI read today in the “Boletim do Empreendedor”,  a very interesting interview with the Swiss Ronald Degen, one of the first to work with the concept of entrepreneurship in Brazil.

He says that anyone can become an entrepreneur, what makes the difference are the  experiences and  opportunities we have.




imagestrabalhoRead the interview  of this genius of entrepreneurship and find out why he says things that most affect the decision to launch as an entrepreneur are the financial obligations and family.

Check it out:

Companhia Libra de Navegação

22 June 2013

Good Old Memories….

Yesterday, was a resounding success the event organized by Royal Rio Suporte Executivo to put together the former employees of Companhia Libra de Navegação.

Employees came from many destinations, São Paulo, Minas Gerais, Rio Grande do Sul and even from Canada to attend this event.

Lots of good memories in the air,  great emotions and tenderness in this reencounter.

Royal Rio always present on the best moments, caring about you and your well-being! Enjoy the pictures.

IMG_0009 (Medium)IMG_0010 (Medium)IMG_0011 (Medium)IMG_0013 (Medium)IMG_0016 (Medium)IMG_0019 (Medium)IMG_0021 (Medium)


Is Brazil really ready for the forthcoming events?

20 June 2013

The World Cup can’t save Brazil’s tourism industry

imagesNBCThis is the news I read today on NBC News, and I decided to share with  all of you.

The journalist Brad Haynes from Reuters, is pointing out the difficulties a tourist faces when they arrive in the Northeast region and he is perfectly right on his statements . We only have to consider that the situation is the same all around the country and not a regional situation.

He mention that difficulty to buy tickets to the stadiums, lack, distance and prices of  accommodation, professionals with lack of good communication skills, the chaotic situation of airports and the bad transportation  quality are the major problems a tourist faces when they arrive in the country. He also says that even though Brazil is known by its gorgeous beaches, tempting climate, and legendary hospitality, our tourism industry pales next tour neighbors and we are spoiling our opportunities of success on the coming events.

Do you want to know more? Read the article…



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