Inauguration of the largest marine aquarium in South America

27 September 2016


14316922_1059036850883103_7308535750347032497_nAfter several delays on the initial schedule, finally, on November 9th, 2016   AquaRio will be inaugurated.

The Marine Rio Aquarium is being built in the port area in a five-story building in the new Avenida Binario. It is the only cultural enterprise of “Porto Maravilha” fully implemented with private funds.

The space is being appointed as the largest aquarium in South America and   has 26 thousand square meters and 28 tanks that together comprise 4.5 million liters of salt water and will have more than 3,000 marine animals of 300 species.20150219_CO_POR_VLT_LV-7015-1599x900-600x338

When it opens, the AquaRio expects to receive up to ten thousand visitors on weekends and about two thousand on weekdays.

The aquarium was designed to become a leisure and entertainment center but with a focus on quality environmental education, serious scientific research and biodiversity conservation strategies.

Sales of tickets started from September 19th with prices ranging from R $ 60 to R $ 360 and visitors can opt for individual or family tickets.

The anticipated passes will be sold only online, with promotional prices until 31 October 31st and guarantee unlimited visits for a year with the right to exclusive access, early visitation in half an hour before opening to the public, priority booking of extra activities in the space and 10% discount on food, beverages, shopping in the store and the parking lot.

Payments can be made by credit card up to six times without interest, provided that the minimum share is R $ 60.








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