The seven elements that make up a good brand

27 May 2013

Do you have a good brand?

imagesConsidering that many entrepreneurs are coming to Rio de Janeiro  willing to open their own businesses and establish their brands in our market, I was wondering if these entrepreneurs know the seven key elements for the formation of a good brand.
Today, I  read an article on this issue and I considered  it was very important and enlightening  and  I decided to share it  with my readers.

In accordance with Marcos Hiller, writer of Olhar Digital at Administradores web sites there are seven very important elements that make their brands to become known in the market  such as, name, logo, symbol and mascot.
In my experience, having chosen the name, logo, symbol and mascot,  the most important item is undoubtedly the registration you have to do  to protect your trademark with the INPI – National Institute of Industrial Property.

Well, found important what I’m talking about? If you are curious to understand the issue a little deeper, see what each element means and its importance to the whole.

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